The Monoposto Racing Club is the largest single-seater racing club in the UK

Introducing the Monoposto Racing Club

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2018 UKCG Monoposto Championship2018 Reprise IT Tiedeman Trophy

The Monoposto Racing Club is a club of motor sport enthusiasts promoting single seater motor racing in an inclusive, friendly and respectful environment where the regulations promote stable, affordable and competitive racing.

Take a tour with our 2018 ProspectusWatch a brief video from the 2017 Media day.

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Monoposto Racing Club 2018 Calendar


  • 14/15 April - Donington Nat (MSVR) - Mono Champ
  • 12/13 May - Snetterton 300 (MSVR) - Mono Champ
  • 30 June - Oulton Park (MSVR) - Mono Champ
  • 7/8 July - Zandvoort - Non-Champ
  • 21 July - Cadwell Park (MSVR) - Mono Champ
  • 18 August - Brands GP (MSVR) - Mono Champ
  • 15 September - Castle Combe (CCRC) - Tiedeman 1&2
  • 13/14 October - Silverstone GP (MSVR) - Mono Champ
  • 27 October - Brands Hatch Indy (BARC) - Tiedeman 3&4
  • 18 November - Anglesey (BRSCC) - Tiedeman 5&6

Monoposto SUNBAC Nova Novice Award

As part of the 2018 Monoposto Championship, the Club will include Awards for the first and second place drivers on Championship points won in any Mono class, who start their season as “novices”. Alongside the Trophies comes a free double header Monoposto Race entry in 2019 for the winner.

The SUNBAC Nova Award will be open to any full Monoposto member, who starts their first 2018 Monoposto Championship race still needing to be observed and to obtain some or all of the initial 6 signatures on their competition licence Upgrade Card. To be eligible for the Monoposto Nova Awards, a competitor will therefore start their 2018 Championship campaign as a novice race driver as defined by the MSA, with the car carrying the compulsory black/yellow cross.  More details here

Announcing: UKCG as 2018 title sponsor

Monoposto is delighted to announce that we have a new sponsor on board for the Monoposto Championship for 2018 - UKCG.

The UK Carbon & Graphite Company Limited (UKCG) is a UK based company specialising in the controlled manufacture, machining, testing and global distribution of carbon and graphite products utilised in varying applications and industrial sectors.

To find out more about UKCG, please visit their website:

The championship will be referred to as the "UKCG Monoposto Championship" for 2018 and the logo above will be included on all official championship paperwork as well as the new championship decals which will be handed out at the start of the season to go on every car scoring points in the championship.

Introducing: 2018 Tiedeman Trophy Championship

The Founder of the Monoposto Racing Club, Frank Tiedeman, passed away in 2013.

A new Autumn Championship was established that year bearing his name.   This was trialed in 2013 as a four race mini-series at two circuits with great success and has grown into a 6 race, 3 meeting championship.   Each meeting is held on one day, with one qualifying session and two races.

The 2018 calendar is as follows:

Rounds 1&2 - 15th September - Castle Combe (CCRC)
Rounds 3&4 - 27th October - Brands Indy (BARC)
Rounds 5&6 - 19th November - Anglesey (BRSCC)

Introducing: Mono Moto 1400

2 or 121 Jeremy Timms MotoThe Motorcycle classes were split in 2016 to differentiate the cars with bigger engines and carbon tubs from the smaller engined space frame cars. Mono Moto 1400 is for carbon tubbed cars with up to 1400cc engines and is dominated by ex-F3 Dallaras.

  • More information on the Moto 1400 technical page

Introducing: Mono Moto 1000

Mono Moto 1000 is for space frame cars such as Jedi or Speads with an engine of up to 1000cc. Carbon tubs are not permitted in this class.

  • More information on the Moto 1000 technical page

Introducing: Mono 1600

Formula Ford/FF2000 chassis, Formula Vauxhall Junior (8V) and Formula Renault 1700 are popular.

  • Standard, iron block engines with a single camshaft up to 1750cc capacity, dry sump permitted. FF Kent 1600 engines, when fitted in older chassis, may use the approved Mono camshaft.
  • More information on the Mono1600 technical page

Introducing: Mono 1800

Formula Ford Zetec, FF2000, Formula Vauxhall Junior (16V) and Formula Ireland cars feature.

  • Engines conforming to the following regulations: FF Zetec 1800 up to year 2005, Formula Vauxhall 2000 (Junior 1600 cc 16 valve), FF2000 as defined in the 1993 MSA yearbook.
  • More information on the Mono1800 technical page

Introducing: Mono 2000 Classic

Very popular class for classic cars such as Formula Vauxhall and older F3 cars, like Reynards and Ralts.  Trialled in 2007 as a Cup, and introduced as a new formula in 2008, Mono 2000 Classic has become on of the most popular and competitive classes.

  • Chassis of aluminium and/or steel for 1993 & earlier cars
  • F3 Chassis of carbon fibre or aluminium for 1992 & earlier cars.
  • Standard production engines up to 2000cc capacity, or restricted F3 engines from 1992 or earlier .  Dry sump lubrication permitted.  Carburettors or original spec fuel injection.
  • More information on the Mono2000 Classic technical page


Introducing: Mono 2000

2015_kevinotwayMono 2000 is for post classic cars.  Typically F4 or Dallara pre 1996 F3.

  • Chassis must have been first produced for 2001 model year or earlier, 1999 for Formula Renault or 1996 for carbon F3.
  • Standard production engines up to 2000cc capacity.  Dry sump lubrication permitted.  Flywheel free.  Carburettors or throttle body fuel injection.  Ford Zetec engines can have free cam timing (retaining standard camshaft and pulley).
  • Engines of manufacture and model as used in FIA international Formula 3 during 1996 or earlier, having a 25 millimetre maximum diameter air restrictor through which all air serving the induction is passed.

Introducing: Mono FR2000

A new class for 2017, Mono FR2000 is for the Tatuus chassis used in Formula Renault from 2000 to 2010 run in a standard configuration.

Tatuus built over 750 examples of this car which has been used in Formula Renault championships all over Europe and beyond, proving themselves to be a strong and reliable car.   Many of these cars are lying dormant, and could be a cost effective route into an advanced carbon fibre racing car.

For full information, please consult the technical regulations.

Introducing: Mono F3

18 Dave Gillett F3The new flagship class, replacing Mono 2000 as the blue riband of Monoposto.

This class is for carbon chassis cars from 1997 to 2005

Engines are 2000cc car derived engines, either road derived engines with fuel injection, full Formula 3 specification engines with restrictor, or Piedrafieta European Open F3 Toyota SXE10 sealed engines with 28.5mm restrictor.

  • More information on the Mono F3 technical page

Monoposto to help support BMMC during 60th anniversary year

Visit our charity page on BT MyDonateThe Monoposto Racing Club is celebrating its 60th Anniversary during the 2018 season and as part of our celebrations we have pledged to support the circuit Marshals, that unsung group of supporters without whom motorsport could not function.

We are working with the British Motorsport Marshals Club (BMMC) to provide specific equipment that will be used for fire training. We will therefore be donating to a specific project rather than to a general fund.

Please donate to support the BMMC and enable them to buy new 'gas rigs'. These are used in fire marshal training, an essential measure for the safety of us all. Remember, without marshals there will be no motorsport for us all to enjoy. Training is an essential contribution to the safety of motorsport for all.



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Everyone has been so welcoming and helped us out when we have been in need. The Championship has been excellently managed and we have thoroughly enjoyed every weekend

- Swansea Metropolitan University Team

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Had a great time and really felt at home!

- Comments from new drivers

We're supporting the BMMC

Visit our charity page on BT MyDonate

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