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Monoposto Racing Club 2011 Calendar

Posted on November 24, 2010

Monoposto Racing Club - 2011 Provisional Race Calendar v2


2011 Provisional Monoposto Race Calendar

Monoposto Racing Club is pleased to announce its provisional race calendar for 2011.  The programme builds on Monoposto’s successful relationship with MotorSport Vision Racing, and has 14 rounds (with 12 to count) at some of the best venues in the UK.

The 2011 Monoposto Championship will start in intriguing style in March, with the first car race meeting at the newly extended Snetterton 300 circuit, followed by a visit to Donington Park.  In mid-summer there is also a much overdue return to the Brands Hatch Grand Prix circuit.  In addition two non-championship races are planned, both at premier Grand Prix circuits: the club will again visit Spa Francorchamps for the Spa Summer Classic, with the second major UK non-championship venue still to be announced.

Despite having to pass on the rise in VAT next year, careful budgeting means that an increase in entry fees has been kept to an absolute minimum, with the Club expecting to see its average grid size of 50 maintained or even growing in 2011.

The Club will be sending Membership Renewal and Championship Registration Forms to all members this week.

For more information, contact Club Administrator Simon Davey.

tel:        01327 843056
mob:     07770 368648) for more

1 - 19 March (Sat) - MSVR - Snetterton 300 - Single Header

2&3 - 2/3 April (Sat/Sun) - MSVR - Donington - Double Header

4&5 - 1/2 May (Sun/Mon) - MSVR - Brands Hatch Indy - Double Header

6&7 - 21/22 May (Sat/Sun) - MSVR - Cadwell Park - Double Header

NC - 10/11/12 June (Fri/Sat/Sun) - Roadbook - Spa Francorchamps - Double Header

8 - 2 July (Sat) - MSVR - Oulton Park International - Single Header

9&10 - 20/21 August (Sat/Sun) - MSVR - Brands Hatch GP - Double Header

11&12 - 10/11 September (Sat/Sun) - MSVR - Anglesey International - Double Header

NC - 31 Sept/1 Oct (Fri/Sat) TBA - TBA - Double Header

13&14 - 15/16 October (Sat/Sun) - MSVR - Snetterton 300 - Double Header


The 2011 Monoposto Championship will include 14 rounds, with 12 scores to count.

NC = non-championship race.  TBA = To Be Announced

Entry Fees for 2010 Mono Championship Races:

Single Headers: £210,

Double Headers: £310, Brands GP £345, One round of a DH: £210

Late entry charges may apply.   Entry fees for non-championship races may differ.

Monoposto Racing Club is responsible for controlling all the sporting, technical, financial and calendar matters of the 2011 Monoposto Championship, including entry arrangements for races.

Individual races are organised by MSVR or Roadbook under MSA/FIA Regulations on behalf of MRC.  Races may be subject to cancellation, abandonment, postponement or change in accordance with MSA/FIA Regulations and the Supplementary Regulations issued for the event.

Race venues and dates may change or be deleted after publication of the Provisional Race Calendar.  The non-Championship races listed are not yet confirmed and additional non-championship races may be added to the Calendar.

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UKCG Mono F3 Championship

1United KingdomBen CATER91
2United KingdomMike HATTON53
3United KingdomRuss GILES48
4United KingdomTony BISHOP45
5United KingdomJames DREW-WILLIAMS29
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UKCG Mono 2000 Championship

1United KingdomKevin OTWAY84
2United KingdomBryn TOOTELL77
3United KingdomTerry CLARK67
4United KingdomRichard GREENING47
5United KingdomMat JORDAN42
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UKCG Mono 2000 Classic Championship

1United KingdomPeter VENN72
2AustraliaPeter WHITMORE49
3United KingdomMatthew BROMAGE43
4ScotlandEwen SERGISON37
5United KingdomIan HUGHES36
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UKCG Mono 1800 Championship

1United KingdomChris LORD80
2United KingdomPhilip DAVIS64
3United KingdomSteven GRIFFEN53
4United KingdomAmnon NEEDHAM44
5ScotlandDoug McLAY44
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UKCG Mono 1600 Championship

1United KingdomGeoff FERN96
2United KingdomSeamus WILD24
3United KingdomEddie GUEST24
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UKCG Mono Moto 1400 Championship

1United KingdomGeoff FERN88
2United KingdomMartin WRIGHT66
3United KingdomJason TIMMS44
4United KingdomTony GAUNTLETT0
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UKCG Mono Moto 1000 Championship

1IrelandMark READE54
2United KingdomDominic SHEPHERD50
3United KingdomMick KINGHORN50
4United KingdomDax WARD47
5United KingdomDean WARREN46
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2017 Reprise IT Tiedeman Trophy

United KingdomNeil HARRISON109
ScotlandEwen SERGISON105
United KingdomTerry CLARK102
United KingdomJames GORDON-COLEBROOKE98
United KingdomPhilip DAVIS91
United KingdomMatthew WALTERS83
United KingdomGeoff FERN83
United KingdomWill COX83
United KingdomMark SMITH82
United KingdomChris LORD66
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Next Events

  • R6/7: Oulton Park: in 8 days
  • N/C: Zandvoort: in 15 days
  • R8/9/10: Cadwell Park (Ray Dackombe Memorial Trophy): in 29 days
  • R11/12 Brands Hatch GP: in 57 days
  • TT1: Castle Combe: in 85 days
  • R13/14: Silverstone GP: in 113 days

Monoposto has been ideal for Northbrook College, it suits our budget and the variety of venues is perfect for the student experience. We look forward to next year. Many thanks.

- Team Northbrook Racing

Everyone has been so welcoming and helped us out when we have been in need. The Championship has been excellently managed and we have thoroughly enjoyed every weekend

- Swansea Metropolitan University Team

2017 Monoposto Championship