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2012 - R1 & 2 - Brands Hatch

Posted on March 21, 2012

Monoposto have the use of the pit garages for this meeting.



TIMETABLE (remember to put clocks back on Saturday night)

PADDOCK PLAN (Ignore as we have GARAGES!)



RESULTS - MotoMono and Mono1800 - TSL Timing

RESULTS - Mono2000, Mono2000 Classic, Mono1600 - TSL Timing

PHOTOS - Round 1 - Norwich Photo

PHOTOS - Round 2 - Norwich Photo

2015 Tiedeman Trophy

1United KingdomJeremy TIMMS32
2ScotlandEwen SERGISON32
3United KingdomGeoff FERN31
4United KingdomTerry CLARK26
5United KingdomJim BLOCKLEY26
Full Championship Tables

2015 Mono2000 Championship

1United KingdomDaryl JONES98
2United KingdomBen CATER93
3United KingdomAnthony BISHOP88
4United KingdomRobbie WATTS82
5United KingdomShane KELLY82
Full Championship Tables

2015 Mono2000 Classic Championship

1United KingdomBryn TOOTELL117
2United KingdomAlistair BELL86
3United KingdomRobin DAWE85
4United KingdomTerry CLARK74
5United KingdomMark DREW49
Full Championship Tables

2015 Mono1800 Championship

1United KingdomMatthew WALTERS148
2United KingdomRichard GREENING44
3United KingdomPhilip DAVIS43
4United KingdomWilliam THORLING42
5United KingdomMarcus SHEARD34
Full Championship Tables

2015 Mono1600 Championship

1United KingdomGeoff FERN126
2United KingdomEddie GUEST105
3ScotlandJock SERGISON68
4United KingdomTony COTTON56
5United KingdomKevin BOTTOMLEY41
Full Championship Tables

2015 MonoDTEC Championship

1ScotlandDoug McLAY141
2United KingdomJohn WHITBOURN79
Full Championship Tables

2015 MonoMoto Championship

1United KingdomJeremy TIMMS145
2United KingdomCraig HURRAN89
3United KingdomJason TIMMS71
4United KingdomAdrian WRIGHT63
5United KingdomJonathan REED47
Full Championship Tables