2016 Spa Summer Classic

Posted on February 5, 2016


ENTRY FORM... ENTRY FORM.... ENTRY FORM....   ONLY 7 Spaces left.

Logbook of the meeting now PUBLISHED

Briefing Notes now PUBLISHED


Extra parking for large Motorhomes/Trucks to be above garage 42 after mid day Thursday (being used for noise testing prior to that)

Details of this event will continue to be updated here as published: see also the very helpful summary timetable V2  and special page for Monoposto.

Spa_Summer_Classic_Timetable_2016   Unoffical  SUMMARY TIMETABLE  V3

Spa passes 2016.  For this year the organisers are using a form of e-pass which will allow competitors to print off their own truck and car passes....NOW AVAILABLE instructions included... you use this pass to get in the 1st time no carsand the guys on the gate exchange it for a sticker valid for the whole meeting.  Circuit admission for spectators is free but vehicle access to the paddock areas is controlled by these passes.

Access for initial entry into the circuit is being shown as:  Directions to circuit...
Enter via Blanchimont Gate (maximum 4m height permitted).
Motorway Verviers - St.Vith (E421-A27) --> Exit nº11 : Stavelot

  • Wednesday June 22 : from 20:00 to 22:30
  • The teams arriving outside these time will be parked on standby in the overflow area (even overnight) - After last year, I confirm...  they really do mean this!
  • Thursday June 23 : from 07:00 to 22:00
  • Friday June 24 : from 07:00 to 22:00entry list

Entry List  21/6/16

Scrutineering is all day Thursday until 18.00 (last year they packed up a bit early and left a few people stranded - just warning you!). Limited scrutineering BY APPOINTMENT on Friday morning - you MUST book in advance.

Drivers briefing at 8.30am Friday - Compulsory. Room 132 (1st floor via stairs or lift near garage 8)

Summary:  100 mins of track time
2 x 25min qualifiers on Friday
1 x 25min race on Saturday - Rolling Start
1 x 25min race on Sunday - Rolling Start

Max dB per car on track :  108 dB    NO EXCEPTIONS!

Garage 24, then 23, then 22

We are in the F1 garages again...  4-5 cars per garage (it really does work at Spa!). Space will be tight, particularly behind the garages.. please park as tight as possible (expect a bit of squeezing around to happen). Car parking on Wed during off loading available in the covered car park below... any empty trailers that can go to the trailer park would be appreciated.  PARKING UP ISSUES - REQUEST FOR ASSISTANCE
Garages 20-30. Specific allocation plan

Race Grids. We will  speed up the rolling start grid process by griding both races in the pitlane outside our garages.... your Mono team wredcoatsill supervise.  
This will be explained in further info but basically...

  • Two lines in the pitlane in exact qualifying/grid order.
  • Released  BEHIND THE SAFETY CAR, 1 by 1 (to fit through the exit road) in grid order.
  • Form up behind the safety car and make one lap to the start finish line
  • NO STOPPING OR FORMATION ON GRID  (no rear end shunts please.. no one stops on the grid throughout the meeting unless we have a race stoppage).. no need for mechanics to lug batteries or tools onto the grid.
  • This outlap is the safety car lap and when it pulls off into the pitlane the starter will be watching.
  • If everyone follows the rolling start rules, the race will then start.
    • No tyre warming after turn 16
    • Cars must be properly lined up between Turn 17 and Turn 18.
    • The safety car will pull off at the end of the formation lap into the F1 pitlane and the cars will continue behind  the front row cars in grid formation.
    • Minimum speed of 70 kph and a maximum speed of 90 kph (speed will be checked by radar)
    • If the starter is satisfied, the red lights will be changed to green.
    • No overtaking until the lights turn green

Exiting the track.  After every session, following the chequered flag, all cars will complete a further lap spa pitsand exit the track via the normal F1 pit entry
road after turn 18 (Chicane) .. so NOT like last year where we were directed back in at La Source hairpin. Cars required for scrutineering will be directed as required.

Map of circuit inc Turn Numbers

For those who haven't been to race from these garages before... We are parked up behind the garages on the large raised terrace.  Last year at a later meeting a truck did try parking hanging over the edge - not recommended!



  • This is a non championship event as far as cars competing under the Monoposto banner/regulations are concerned. Cars from outside the normal Mono 7 classes who wish to be considered for entering as Invitation class cars should complete the request form.
  • This is double header event for the F3Cup championship (10 expected) who set their own entry requirements.
  • This is a non championship event for Formel Ford Danmark cars (9 entered)
  • Invitation cars can be considered... please complete our FORM
    • Be aware of the noise requirements!.
    • National 'A' or equivalent licence required.

      F3Cup Podium Ceremony 2015

      Monoposto Podium Ceremony 2015

Podiums will be organised for F3Cup, Monoposto and FF Danmark  top 3 in each of the 2 races.
ALL cars will be on track together in ALL 4 sessions.

Scrutineering:  IS ON THURSDAY.  Remember we will be scrutineered to FIA and not MSA requirements. This means, amongst other things,  you must have approved fireproof underwear, fire extinguishers must be 'in date' (this must be verifiable by inspection - they will want to see the dates info on the extinguisher!) and Helmets/HANS combinations must also comply... see our guide on Startline.

RAIN LIGHTS... Reminder that Monoposto specify a flashing rain light of specific standard... please contact us if you require assistance - limited stock will be held by the Mono team if required.

FUEL... Normal pump fuel available by credit/debit card from the auto pumps inside the circuit.  For F3Cup cars, Sunoco will not be present but fuel is being sent via one of the teams (Omicron)... please contact Sunoco direct if you have any questions or need to order fuel. F3Cup Fuel Notice

TYRES... The only tyre company we know about attending (there may be others) are:
Adams & Page Tyres  Contact : Richard WOS richardwos@btconnect.com
or http://www.adamsandpage.co.uk/contact-us/   UPDATE Protyre also due to be in attendance.

Private cars can park opposite the pits in P14no carsP14

The format for the practice sessions on Thursday 23rd   is at the discretion of the organisers (Roadbook) to whom separate payment should be made on the day (booking in advance is not usually possible) see Page 16 of the Logbook

Officials.  Your experienced Clerk of the Course will be Jean-Yves Munster assisted by the equally experienced David Scott from MSVR.  F3Cup coordinators will be Joe East and Simon Gnana-Pragasam.  Monoposto coordinators will be  'Bert, Emma, Robin & Steven.   Scrutineers will be Alister Poulter and Stig Jenson.

Using an HGV?... IMPORTANT... Belgium now has a GPS based road toll system for over 3.5T HGVs

Over 3.5t vehicle?... going to Spa? .... please makes sure you have registered for the new Belgian toll system. I am told by Adam at AP Motorsport that he registered here and it was 'relatively' painless - the 'spy in the cab' toll box due to be sent to his UK workshop    arrived within a few days!

On the subject of transport, we have some members with large trucks (who will need to be aware of the above!) who can transport extra cars for members from the UK.  ..  message for further details.

Pictures from 2015  on Facebook 
Results from 2015  2015_Spa_Summer Classic Monoposto_& F3_Cup

Lap (and half) with Dan Gore, pole position man in his class in 2015 (some nice driving)

Accommodation:  Anyone prepared to share the secrets of their fav local accommodation (or any other Spa advice)?  ... drop Steven Connor a note and it can be shared for the benefit of other members.

  (other booking sites available)

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Monoposto has been ideal for Northbrook College, it suits our budget and the variety of venues is perfect for the student experience. We look forward to next year. Many thanks.

- Team Northbrook Racing

Everyone has been so welcoming and helped us out when we have been in need. The Championship has been excellently managed and we have thoroughly enjoyed every weekend

- Swansea Metropolitan University Team

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