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JMT Mono Rounds 7 & 8 Silverstone National 28-29 May

Posted on April 8, 2016

coverThis two day event takes place on the 1.6404 mile Silverstone National circuit as part of an MSVR championship visit to this famous circuit.

There will be one x 15 min qualifying and one x 15 min race on each day for each of our 2 grids comprising up to 36 cars, thus capacity at this meeting for 72 cars.

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Paddock parking will be in the area behind the garages fully serviced by circuit 240v power.  With less than 50 entries we shouldn't have much parking up trouble.

Timetable is reasonably Mono friendly… the “Dots” are going first again for this round (they go entry cover2nd at Donington)… Live Monaco GP watching friendly as well  (Monaco GP TV parties in our paddock?.. no beers for the drivers!!) with our group awards ceremony (with some Brands awards to present as well) at 12.30 at The Hub on Sunday.

The podium at Silverstone is also more Mono friendly, we can stop the 1-2-3 from each class under the podium as they come in rather than trying to get our winners there from parce ferme which is almost in another postcode from the podium.  Dummy trophies on the podium for all classes (assuming result not subject to delay for investigation).. real trophies at The Hub  - group presentation at 12.30 on Sunday.

Passes… some people had ‘misplaced’ theirs for Brands, please check in advance that you have yours available to use.  Please remember this is not an MSVR circuit and they have their own way of doing things… note the circuit access times in the Finals.

Discount codes for buying extra tickets from Silverstone circuit


The official, up-to-date information can be found on the MSVR website

Entry Form   ENTRY FORM  Entry Form   ENTRY FORM  Entry Form   ENTRY FORM

Paddock Plan


We are trying something different due to the ‘opportunity’ the lower than expected number of entries for Sunday provides.

There will be one COMBINED qualifying of 20 mins for all the classes.

Qualifying times per class from this combined session will then set the grids for the two different Mono races which will be run in their original configuration but for 20 mins instead of 15 mins.

You get one 20 min qualifying and one 20 min race so more tracktime than originally planned

OK.. so this is going to be a bit ‘marmite’ I know.  The straw pole I conducted had a 50:50 split of people who enthusiastically wanted the extra 10 mins of track time (which we have paid for anyway) while the others were less impressed with having the busier qualifying.  I consulted the Exec of the Board and they concluded that the extra track time argument won on this occasion

If all the cars entered are able to make it to Sunday qualifying then we will have 43 cars (just allowed in the track licence +20% permitted for qualifying) .

  • Yes this will be busy!
  • It is the same for everyone
  • If anyone would rather sit out qualifying and then start ‘back of the grid’ based on their 3 laps from Saturday then you can.
  • If 20 mins qualifying is long for you then you could follow the F1 style and pick your track time to go out for your 3 laps.
  • Saturday remains unchanged.
  • Remember to fuel for 20 mins!
  • All classes will be on the grid in even larger numbers at Spa and Silverstone GP

NB  Drivers briefing. Probably Switching to a single combined briefing in the JMT awning at 9.45am Saturday.

Final Instructions 

entry list

Entry List

Entry List 19/5/16


Monoposto Lap Records

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Silverstone  venue info
Silverstone  Weather

Pictures of this meeting will be posted on facebook_2015_logo_detail

For on track photography see Ad

Video of testing on the Silverstone National circuit


Full 2016 Monoposto Calendar  calendar logo

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Monoposto has been ideal for Northbrook College, it suits our budget and the variety of venues is perfect for the student experience. We look forward to next year. Many thanks.

- Team Northbrook Racing

Everyone has been so welcoming and helped us out when we have been in need. The Championship has been excellently managed and we have thoroughly enjoyed every weekend

- Swansea Metropolitan University Team

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