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2017 Monoposto Championship tables

7-monologo1Championship Tables will be included below and will be updated after each race weekend.

These results remain provisional until the conclusion of any judicial and/or technical matters.

Scoring - 15-12-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-1 per class, with 1 point for each additional finisher.
An additional point is given for the person recording the fastest lap in each class.

1/2 - Cadwell Park, 3/4/5 - Brands Hatch GP, 6/7 - Silverstone GP, 8/9 - Oulton Park, 10/11 - Snetterton 300, 12/13/14 - Donington Park

The tables which will appear below are colour coded - gold- silver-bronze for podium positions, and purple for DNF's.

Mono F3

1United Kingdom Ashley DIBDEN112112343     116
2United Kingdom Chris HODGEN225221121     115
3United Kingdom Ben CATER  14DNF3212     77
4United Kingdom Neil HARRISON53333  34     67
5United Kingdom Simon TATE3475544       59
6United Kingdom Russ GILES7DNF101095DNF75     38
7United Kingdom Richard PURCELL  898755DNF     36
8United Kingdom Mike HATTON  911108DNF66     28
9United Kingdom Lee CUNNINGHAM  464         25
10United Kingdom Chris DAVISON  676  DNFDNF     20
11United Kingdom James WILLIAMS65DNSDNS11         17
12United Kingdom Robin DAWE4    6DNF       16
13United Kingdom Kevan McLURG  DNF87         11
14United Kingdom David GAMBLING     DNF6       7
15United Kingdom Mark HARRISON     DNFDNS       0

Mono Formula Renault 2000

1United Kingdom Hayden EDMONDS112112222123
2United Kingdom James DENSLEY  1221111104
3United Kingdom Richard CRISP  333333371
4United Kingdom Chris VOSPER  544    26
5United Kingdom Rob MANSER  4      9

Mono 2000

1United Kingdom Bryn TOOTELL3 111111DNF102
2United Kingdom Terry CLARK213343DNF2195
3United Kingdom Kevin OTWAY1DNF222524493
4United Kingdom Mat JORDAN425NC54DNFDNF356
5United Kingdom Paul BRITTEN  4432DNF  41
6United Kingdom Robert SMITH 376DNF84  37
7United Kingdom Mark SMITH5      3230
8United Kingdom Taylor MACVEAN6DNF656DNFDNF  29
9United Kingdom Adrian HEATH     63  17
10United Kingdom Damon BLAND     7DNS  6
11United Kingdom Peter LAGUE  DNFDNSDNS    0

Mono 2000 Classic

1United Kingdom Nick CATANZARO  352DNF22266
2United Kingdom Ian HUGHESDNS 22DNF21DNFDNS52
3United Kingdom Marcus SHEARDDNF1443  DNSDNS45
4United Kingdom Peter VENN  DNF11    32
5United Kingdom Robin DAWE       1132
6United Kingdom Jared WOOD  13DNFDNSDNS  26
7Australia Peter WHITMORE     1DNF  16
8United Kingdom Richard SNUGGS     DNFDNS  0
9Wales Andrew BARRON  DNFDNFDNS    0

Mono 1800

1United Kingdom Matthew WALTERS111111122136
2United Kingdom Chris LORD22322  1190
3United Kingdom David JONES34565234482
4Scotland Doug McLAY45676423378
5United Kingdom Steven GRIFFEN     355534
6United Kingdom Philip DAVISDNF3754DNSDNS  33
7United Kingdom Julian HOSKINS  233    32
8United Kingdom George FOWLER  44DNF    18
9United Kingdom Marcus SHEARD     DNF4  9

Mono 1600

1United Kingdom Geoff FERN1111DNF1111129
2United Kingdom Eddie GUEST224412222105
3United Kingdom James GORDON-COLEBROOKE     333340
4United Kingdom Kevin BOTTOMLEY  332    32
5United Kingdom Simon PRUCE  563    25
6United Kingdom Nigel DAVERS  22DNF    24
7United Kingdom Simon HARE   5DNF    8

Mono Moto 1000

1United Kingdom Mick KINGHORN33735525481
2Ireland Mark READE218DNFDNF452273
3United Kingdom Kyle CUTTS446468DNF4365
4United Kingdom Richard MOORCROFT  3231DNF  48
5United Kingdom Richard GITTINGS  211DNFDNS  44
6United Kingdom Dan LEVY12DNFDNF2DNFDNS  41
7United Kingdom Craig HURRAN  4DNF473  34
8United Kingdom Jonathan REED     DNFDNS1132
9Ireland Morgan McCOURT  557  3DNF32
10United Kingdom Dax WARD     21  28
11United Kingdom Len TURNER     9DNS6519
12United Kingdom Bradley HOBDAY  1DNF     16
13Ireland David HEAVEY     64  16
14United Kingdom Ben McGHEE       7613
15United Kingdom Adrian WRIGHT     3DNS  10
16United Kingdom Peter LAGUEDNF    DNFDNS  0

Mono Moto 1400

1United Kingdom Jeremy TIMMS111111111143
2United Kingdom Andrew GORDON-COLEBROOKE222223322105
3United Kingdom Jason TIMMS3DNFDNF  223354
4United Kingdom Martin WRIGHT     444436
5United Kingdom Tony GAUNTLETTDNSDNQ3DNFDNS    10


DNF - Did not finish
DNS - Did not start
DNQ - Did not qualify
DNC - Did not complete
DQ - Disqualified
EXC - Excluded
NC - Not Classified
WD - Withdrawn
VOID - Race Void

2017 Monoposto Championship