Monoposto Racing Club Ltd - Directors

Below is a list of the current board members. Please don't hesitate to approach any board member in the paddock, though ideally when the race hasn't been called and the gearbox isn't in pieces.

President: David Cox

Chairman and Mono 1600 Class Representative: Eddie Guest

Vice Chariman, Mono 2000, 2000 Classic & FR2000 Class Representative:  Terry Clark

Treasurer and Company Secretary: Tony Cotton

Technical Committee Chair and Mono F3 Class Representative: Dan Fox

Race Committee Chair:  Douglas McLay

Mono 1800, Mono Moto 1400 & 1000 Class Representative: Ewen Sergison

Tiedeman Trophy: Mark Smith

Education: Kevin Couling

Child Protection: Emma Cliffe

Race Committee: Kevin Otway

Championship Coordinator (but neither Director nor Board Member): Rachel Lovett

Club Administration (but neither Director nor Board Member): Midland Automobile Club

2017 Monoposto Championship