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2018 Calendar and Membership Form Released

January 3, 2018

The 2018 season sees the Monoposto Racing Club celebrating our 60th Anniversary. The 2018 Monoposto Membership Form is available by clicking below, we have kept the cost of membership the same again this year.

Please click the link below to visit our 2018 calendar page. The 2018 Monoposto Championship will be covering 14 rounds over six weekends between April and October and the Tiedeman Trophy will again be a 6 round, 3 day championship running from September until November.

After a year without a European Non-Championship round, we are looking forward to visiting a new circuit for Monoposto next year - Zandvoort, on 7th and 8th July.


Anglesey Race Report, Reprise IT TTC Rounds 5 & 6

November 25, 2017

The final two rounds of the Reprise IT Tiedeman Trophy took place at Anglesey on the Coastal circuit. The club last visited Anglesey in 2010 and lots of competitors were excited to return after such a long time. We also had four drivers join us from Ireland as it’s only a short hop away on the ferry. Noel Roddy joined us for his only meeting of the season with Monoposto in his F3 Dallara, Robbie Allen entered the invitation class with his 1800cc Formula Sheane and Leastone racing brought their two Leastone 1000s over. Joe Power drove Mark Reade’s championship winning car and Luke O Faolain drove the other Leastone car as his prize for winning the ‘Star of Tomorrow’ in Ireland.

Qualifying got underway early in the morning, just as the sun was rising over the sea. It was a chilly day, but it was lovely and sunny. The cold weather caught a few drivers out early on as many drivers spun in the first lap of qualifying. Chris Lord and Nigel Davers made contact, which saw Nigel pull into the pits with a broken front wing. He later joined qualifying again to get his three laps in. In the end Neil Harrison qualified on pole ahead of Noel Roddy and Joe Power qualified third.

We were given two green flag laps for the races, due to the difficulty getting tyres warm that some drivers had suffered in qualifying. This still didn’t stop a couple of drivers spinning on the green flag laps and start of the race! Andrew Gordon-Colebrooke pulled into the pits and retired at the end of the green flag laps with an electrical misfire. Neil Harrison pulled a lead straight away off the start, Joe Power had a good start and took second place away from Noel Roddy. Luke O Faolain had a great start getting past Ewen Sergison and Robbie Allen to take fifth place and Ewen followed him through to take sixth. At the end of the first lap, Adrian Heath got a bit too excited in his new ‘97 Swift and had a spin on the last corner, coming to a halt on the grid. He couldn’t get the car going again so the safety car was deployed. The safety car was out for one lap whilst Adrian was pushed off the circuit and then the race was underway again. Noel Roddy got past Joe Power on the restart and despite some close racing the top three kept position for the rest of the race.

Myles Castaldini who joined us for the first time in the Moto 1000 class in his Kawasaki engine Van Diemen RF94 came fourth overall and second in class. He was followed by Luke O Faolain. Sixth overall was Ewen Sergison who came first in class, he raced hard all race to keep Robbie Allen behind him. Chris Lord came eighth overall and second in the 1800 class ahead of Phil Davis.  Matt Walters came fourth in the 1800 class, but finished last in the race. He was complaining in Parc Ferme that the car had been terrible and he couldn’t get the power down, it didn’t take long to notice though that he’d managed to put a rear tyre on the front of the car whilst changing his tyres before the race. Strangely enough, the car was much better behaved for him in the second race. The 1600 class saw Geoff dominating again after troubles in the first two meetings of the championship, he finished the race first in class and seventh overall.  Eddie Guest came second in class, with Will Cox close behind him in third. They were fifteenth and sixteenth overall on the grid respectively.

Championship wise it was all to play for at Anglesey between the top four. Ewen Sergison went into the weekend in fourth place, 5 points behind Terry Clark, but with the biggest class. James Gordon-Colebrooke had one point over Terry Clark and had two in class, whereas Terry was the only one in the Classic class. Therefore, it mixed all the positions up when Mark Smith beat James in class. Terry did a good job of keeping James behind him in the race but the three of them were all very close together at the end of the race. From the results at the end of the first race, Neil Harrison had almost secured his championship win, just needing to finish the second race. Terry moved up into second place with James and Ewen equal on points for third.

Race two got underway after lunch, again starting with two green flag laps. Joe Power pulled into the pits and retired on the green flag lap and Andrew Gordon-Colebrooke put his hands up on the grid, still suffering electrical problems. He was pushed off the track whilst the rest of the grid was sent round for a third green flag lap. Unfortunately, due to the delayed start, Myles Castaldini started overheating on the grid; these problems followed him into the race with him having to retire on lap ten from second place. Neil Harrison had another good start from pole and Noel Roddy got away well but spun on the first corner, dropping him down to twelfth. Luke O Faolain and Chris Lord both had a fantastic start, climbing up from eighth and tenth on the grid to third and fourth respectively. Ewen Sergison had a poor start, suffering a lot of wheel spin and dropped in behind Chris Lord. By the end of lap one, Ewen had gained the position back from Chris, over taking him on the long back straight as they started to climb the hill.

After the spin on the first lap, Noel Roddy gradually climbed his way up the grid. Eventually getting back up to third place on lap nine and taking second place away from Luke O Faolain on the penultimate lap of the race. He had a thirteen second deficit to Neil Harrison though who took the overall win for the second time that day. Nigel Davers had a good second race of the day, managing to get up to sixth place overall and second in class from the back of the grid, which earned him the driver of the day award. The 1600 class saw Geoff Fern take the win again, but this time Will Cox managed to best Eddie Guest for second in class, beating him by just 0.3 seconds across the line. Mark Smith again beat James Gordon-Colebrooke for honours in the 2000 class, which sealed James’ fate in championship terms.

At the end of the day all of the drivers and teams were invited to the Monoposto Hub for a glass of prosecco and the prizegiving. There was a toast to the end of the season and a festive atmosphere as over fifty people crowded into the garage. The trophies for first, second and third in each race were awarded along with the driver of the day caps, followed by the champions of the day. Ewen Sergison won Champion of Anglesey, having won his class in both races and taken both fastest laps, in the biggest class of the day. Geoff Fern came second overall having done the same in the second biggest class and Neil Harrison came third overall. The Championship was also celebrated, with Neil Harrison winning the championship ahead of Ewen Sergison in second and Terry Clark in third. Each of them received a bottle of prosecco and Nick Harrison was also given a bottle of prosecco and round of applause for his work as Team Boss/Mechanic, taking Neil to victory in the championship.

Monoposto Annual Awards Dinner

November 3, 2017

The Annual Awards Dinner will be held on 3rd February and we will be visiting a new venue this year - Whittlebury Hall, which is just outside Silverstone Circuit.

Come and join us for what will be a fantastic evening of food, drinks and trophies!

The AGM will be held at 2.30pm in the Copse Suite, but please join us at 2pm for tea, coffee, biscuits and cake. An informal discussion will follow the AGM.

 If you or your partner/team will not be attending the AGM but are staying in the hotel, they have brilliant spa facilities that you will be able to use - or perhaps treat yourself to a massage?

Drinks will be from 6pm and you will be called through to dinner in the Grand Prix Suite at 7pm. Dinner will be followed by the Awards Presentation and then dancing into the night.

For those who still want more after the disco has finished, the Silverstone Bar will remain open 'until last man standing' - now there's a challenge!

Click Here to Fill in an Online Booking Form for Tickets

Click Here to Download a Printable Form


Obviously all of the main championship awards have already been settled, BUT there are a number of subjective awards that we give out each year. Usually these are decided by the board but we thought this year we would throw it over to you, the members, to nominate people who you think deserve the awards. The awards and their criteria can be found below, along with a nomination form.

Please send all your nominations to Rachel by 22nd November.
( or RJ Events, Nelson Street, Doncaster, DN4 5AB)

Click Here for Awards and Criteria

Click Here for Nomination Form

Anglesey, Reprise IT TTC Rounds 5 & 6, 19 November

October 18, 2017

The final meeting of the Reprise IT Tiedeman Trophy Championship will be held at Anglesey using the Coastal Circuit. This is the first time that Monoposto has visited Anglesey in 8 years.

The meeting will be held over one day, with all cars on one grid. This meeting will use the twin header format, with the grid for the second race determined by the second fastest qualifying time.

Testing for Saturday 18th can be booked directly with the circuit by visiting their website. The cost is £100 for the full day. We have been allocated 12 garages for Sunday, but Anglesey charge £50 for garage hire on the Saturday. If you book a garage for Saturday, the circuit will allocate you one of the 12 garages we have been given for Sunday, so you won’t have to move.

Points will be awarded in each class to Competitors listed as classified finishers in the Final Results as follows: 15, 12, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Fastest lap in each Class = 1 point. Plus 1 point for each of the number of entrants in the class as at the qualifying session for this round.

Documents will appear here as they are released or updated:

Castle Combe Report, Reprise IT TTC Rounds 3 & 4

October 18, 2017

The first trip to Castle Combe for Monoposto since the Tiedeman Trophy in 2015 saw some good racing, hard fought battles and a couple of novice drivers taking class wins. The meeting also had more than its fair share of drama and mishaps over the one day, twin header meeting.

Qualifying started well with at least two corners completed by most before the first yellow flag came out. This was for Jonathan Baggott who had a spin and pulled off the track with his nose cone falling off. He put his nose back on and got back in his car just in time for the first red flag of the session as contact between Terry Trust and Geoff Fern left them stranded in the middle of the track.

Qualifying restarted after a quick clear-up and a few good laps were put in before a spontaneous engine blow saw Martin Wright pull off at Quarry. The marshals ran over to ask him to exit the car as he was unaware that he was on fire! The marshals were able to put the fire out quickly and the session continued for a few more minutes before Robin Dawe had an issue which unfortunately ended his weekend with a trip into the barrier and saw qualifying red flagged for the second time. Thankfully, although there were a few broken cars in the paddock, all drivers were unharmed from these incidents and in true Monoposto style, three of the five broken cars were repaired in time for the first race and the drivers who were unable to race stayed to support the rest of the grid.

Race one saw Neil Harrison have a great start, catapulting from fourth to first place off the line. It didn’t take long for the Timms’s to find their way back past him though and do their normal trick of disappearing into the distance to take first and second in the race. Andrew Gordon-Colebrooke had a poor start, resulting in him sitting in sixth place at the end of lap one.  He stayed right up with Mat Jordan and Dean Warren in fourth and fifth places and eventually got past them on laps four and five. Unfortunately though whilst chasing Neil Harrison down for third place he lost drive and had to retire from the race, leaving Neil able to comfortably take third place overall and first in his class.

Dean Warren in the Moto 1000 class and Mat Jordan in 2000 had a good battle going between them for most of the race, but an engine blow saw Mat retire. This left Dean free to claim fourth overall and first in class. Terry Clark came in fifth overall and first in the Classic class, having made his way up from twelfth place. Nigel Davers had a great start to the race, climbing from thirteenth to seventh on the first lap but he had to retire on lap two. Before you feel sorry for him, he admitted it was his own fault for not securing his battery terminal.


The 1800 class saw a good battle all weekend. Ewen Sergison had qualified on pole in class and eighth overall, with Phil Davis, Matt Walters and Chris Lord covering the next three slots. The start of the first race saw Ewen get boxed in and drop down behind all three of his class rivals, Chris Lord got up from fourth to first in class and Phil Davis and Matt Walters were second and third respectively. At the end of the first lap, Ewen and Matt were lining Phil up for overtaking and the three of them crossed the line side-by-side. The three continued swapping places on the second lap with Matt eventually getting ahead and closing in on Chris Lord. Matt went a bit hot into the chicane on lap three and made contact with the rear of Chris. Luckily, with both cars being quite sturdy, they came out of it ok, but had lost ground to Ewen and Phil who went through to take first and second. The contact left Matt’s wing a bit bent and flapping so, although he was still racing well, he was given a black and orange flag and had to retire from the race. The class then settled down for the remainder of the race, with Ewen pulling a gap to Chris Lord who’d taken second from Phil Davis.

In the 2000 class, James Gordon-Colebrooke had a poor start which dropped him right to the back of the grid. He then gradually made his way back up during the race to take the class win and tenth place overall. Mark Smith had an oil leak in qualifying which had meant that he started at the back of the grid, he ended up fifteenth in the race overall and second in class. Will Cox had a great race at his home circuit, taking the class win and fastest lap in class, finishing twenty eight seconds ahead of Geoff Fern who was second in class. Geoff earned himself the first Driver of the Day award though for getting up to thirteenth in the race after starting twenty second. Terry Trust finished third in class after fixing his damage from qualifying and John Hare finished fourth.

Race two saw the cars line up with a few gaps on track after some of the retirements from the first race were unable to be repaired in time. John Hare started from the pit lane after suffering starter motor issues just before heading out. Jason Timms was on pole for the second race of the day and got away well to hold on to the lead, Neil Harrison had another good start to take second and Jeremy Timms dropped down to third. Jeremy took the lead away from Jason at the end of the first lap on the last corner. Nigel Davers started down in thirteenth place, but made his way up to seventh by the end of the first lap to mix himself up in the 1800 class battle. He got past them and up to fifth by the end of the second lap, with a big gap to make up to Dean Warren who was running first in class and fourth overall. Nigel chased him down for four laps until he was on Dean’s tail and the two were battling hard, spending a lot of lap time side-by-side. Unfortunately, with two laps to go, Dean suffered a break down, which left Nigel first in class and fourth overall behind the two Timms’s and Neil Harrison. Nigel wasn’t able to enjoy this position for long though as he was given a black and orange flag for breaking the noise limit. Jason Timms was also flagged for noise and the two retired from the race on consecutive laps. This left Jeremy Timms to take the win of the race and Neil Harrison came second.

Third place in the race ended up going to Ewen Sergison after he led the 1800 class from start to finish and ended up with a three car buffer to second place man, Matt Walters. However, in the prize giving after race two, Ewen gave his third place trophy to Nigel Davers, who he thought was the rightful winner of the award. Second to fourth places in the 1800 class was hard fought again in this race, with Chris Lord initially ahead of Phil Davis and Matt Walters behind them in fourth. The positions held like this for a few laps before Phil had a spin and ended up losing a few places. Matt then spent the next few laps chasing Chris Lord down, before getting past him on lap six. Chris stuck with him but was unable to get back past and settled for third in class. Dave Wheal inherited the win of the Moto 1000 class after Dean Warren and Nigel Davers retired. He raced well all day at Castle Combe, which was only his second ever race meeting, finishing the day with a first and second in class. Will Cox was another novice driver who performed well at Castle Combe, taking his second consecutive class win and fastest lap in the second race.

Chris Kite earned the second Driver of the Day accolade after his performance in the second race saw him climb from fourteenth place to take fourth overall. The Champion of Castle Combe award went to Ewen Sergison who took two wins and two fastest laps in the biggest class of the meeting. Second overall for the meeting was tied between Will Cox and Jeremy Timms who had both taken two wins and fastest laps in classes of four people. Jeremy valiantly said that Will could take second though and he would settle for third place due to Will putting in such a good performance as a novice driver. The points haul from this meeting has put Neil Harrison up in the lead of the championship, with James Gordon-Colebrooke in second place and Terry Clark third.

Invite for Ford Power Live! at Snetterton

October 6, 2017

MSVR are looking for some Ford engine cars to do some demonstration runs at an event at Snetterton on Sunday 22nd October. The event is called Ford Power Live!

The event will be a celebration of Ford, featuring a number of Ford car clubs as well as on track demonstrations on the 100 circuit. There is no race content just displays/stands/track days/demonstration runs.

If you would like to attend and demonstrate then MSV would be happy to pay any travel expenses you might have.

Rachel will be attending and driving, but don't let that put you off. Email or phone 07894 010132 if you're interested in coming along. The more the merrier!

MSVR Single Seater All-Comers Race

October 6, 2017

MSVR have extended an invitation to Monoposto members to attend their All-Comers event at Bands Hatch on the Indy circuit on Saturday 28th October for an open single seater race.

The format will be 1 x 15 min qualifying and 2 x 15 min races with trophies for the top 3 in the races. Qualifying will set the grid for race 1 and the result of  race 1 will set the grid for race 2. 

The entry fee is £260 which includes MSVR membership.

Any enquiries and entries, please contact James King at MSVR directly on 01474 875207 or email


Donington National Report 2017, Reprise IT TTC Rounds 1&2

October 6, 2017

The first two rounds of the Reprise IT Tiedeman Trophy Championship took place on 1st October with qualifying and two races held over the one day with all eight cars on one grid. All drivers score points in class, with an extra point for each car that qualifies in class. This points structure means that the champion of each meeting and the overall champion can come from any class.

Qualifying would set both grids, with the second fastest time setting the grid for the second race. The weather conditions were changing all day and for qualifying there was a debate about tyre choice, with everybody eventually choosing wets as the rain came in just before we were called to the assembly area. Matthew Walters retired after one lap due to an electrical issue; this meant that he would start from the back of the grid for both races. Andrew Barron retired after four laps with a fuel problem and caused a red flag which meant the session finished four minutes early. For the first race Neil Harrison set pole in his F3 Dallara with Andrew Gordon-Colebrooke second in his Moto 1400 Dallara and their places were reversed for the second race. Ewen Sergison qualified third for both races in his 1800 class Swift. Further down the grid, Eddie Guest out qualified Geoff Fern in the 1600 class and started ninth and eighth overall in the two races. Will Cox qualified well on his first race weekend, sitting eighteenth out of twenty six for the first race and twenty second for the second race.


The circuit dried up for the first race of the day, with most drivers choosing to use slicks. Only four were still on wets in the assembly area. James Drew-Williams broke a drive shaft on the green flag lap which saw him retire from the race. Chris Vosper pulled into the pits on the green flag lap with a vibration, fearing he had a loose front wing. After a quick check from his mechanic he felt more at ease and started the race from the pit lane. The start of the race was clean with everybody getting away well. Frazer Corbyn had a good start in his Moto 1000 Jedi, getting from sixth on the grid up to third.

Robin Dawe found his way up to fourth and Dean Warren in the Moto 1000 class made his way up from eleventh on the grid to take fifth overall and second in class on the first lap. Ewen Sergison, although now in sixth overall after losing places to Frazer, Robin and Frazer, was still leading the 1800 class. His teammate, Matthew Walters, traveled from the back of the grid up to seventeenth and third in class behind Phil Davis on the first lap. Matt got past Phil Davis on the subsequent lap and continued to climb places on the grid but couldn’t get up far enough to challenge Ewen so settled for second in class and twelfth overall in the end.

On the second lap of the race, Neil Harrison dropped from first down to fourth, having been overtaken by Andrew Gordon-Colebrooke, Frazer Corbyn and Robin Dawe. Andrew then disappeared into the distance to win the race by 21.5 seconds. A battle ensued between Neil, Frazer and Robin with the trio swapping places a number of times during the race. Frazer unfortunately retired from third place a couple of laps from the end. Neil came in second and Robin finished third. Dean Warren finished fourth overall and inherited the win of the Moto 1000 class after Frazer retired, however Frazer got the fastest lap in class. A close fight at the back of the grid between Dave Wheal, Ben McGhee and Len Turner saw Len take second in class and Ben third, with Dave unfortunately retiring on the fifth lap of the race.

Matthew Bromage won the Classic class and came sixth in the race overall. His car was running well all weekend, having sorted the problems that he experienced on his first outing with Monoposto two weeks earlier. For the Tiedeman Trophy Terry Clark swapped his trusty 2000 class Van Diemen for his Classic Formula Vauxhall Lotus and after qualifying third in class and twentieth overall, he managed second in class and tenth overall in the first race, earning him one of the AViT Motorsport Driver of the Day awards. He gained positions quickly at the start of the race, got past classmate Andrew Barron by lap 5 and maintained a comfortable gap from him for the remainder of the race.

Eddie Guest took the win of the 1600 class as well as the fastest lap, with Will Cox coming in second in class. Geoff Fern had a good start to the race, getting past Eddie on the first lap, but car troubles during the race saw him drop to the very back of the grid, being lapped by the leaders three times and travelling very slowly. He did, however, manage to finish the race to take the all important championship points for third place in class. In the 2000 class, Mark Smith took the win and fastest lap, with James Gordon-Colebrooke struggling further down the grid after opting to use wet tyres for the race.


The second race saw damp conditions on track with all the drivers on slicks, this caught some out as a few spun on the green flag lap and Chris Vosper went off and couldn’t get going again. The rest of the grid was given a second green flag lap as he was cleared off the circuit. On the first lap of the race, Neil Harrison got past Andrew Gordon-Colebrooke for the lead and Robin Dawe got past Ewen Sergison for third. Neil stayed in the lead for the whole of the race, whilst Robin and Andrew battled for second. Unfortunately, Andrew had a trip into the gravel at Old Hairpin on lap 5 which saw him retire from the race and left Robin free to claim second overall. Martin Wright took the win of the Moto 1400 class after Andrew’s retirement.

After starting in third, Ewen Sergison crossed the line in sixth at the end of the first lap, but a throttle cable break saw him pull onto the grass and retire before the first corner of the second lap. Matthew Bromage got up from tenth place to fourth on the first lap and was again running well until he went off at Craner Curves on lap three and became beached on the gravel. Terry Clark stormed through the pack, having started twenty first on the grid, to take a win in the Classic class and fourth place overall, with Andrew Barron behind him fifth overall and second in class.Chris Kite enjoyed a good race in the invitation class; having started eighteenth on the grid, he came sixth overall in the second race.

James Gordon-Colebrooke enjoyed his racing much more the second time around, taking the win of the 2000 class, fastest lap and finishing seventh overall. He was the recipient of the Driver of the Day cap for the second race. In the 1800 class, Matt Walters drove from the back of the grid to eighth overall and took the win in class ahead of Phil Davis in second. Further down the grid, Steven Griffin took third in class and Jonathan Baggott came fourth in class, having solved his car troubles that saw him retire in the first race. Dean Warren won the Moto 1000 race and was third overall after climbing up from twelfth on the grid. Dave Wheal, who was competing for the first time that weekend, was running well but a trip to the gravel on lap six saw him retire from second in class. Ben McGhee ended up taking second in class, ahead of Len Turner in third.

Geoff Fern had another bad race in the 1600 class; he couldn’t get past Eddie Guest for the lead of the class, although he wasn’t far behind. But then on the fifth lap he lost a wheel and was out of the race. Will Cox also had bad fortune in this race, when the live feed to the high pressure fuel pump came off on lap five and he also had to retire. Eddie took another class win and fastest lap, which saw him take second place overall for the day. He was tied on points with Matt Walters, but Matt had to settle for third overall having a first place and a second place versus Eddie’s two wins. Dean Warren was awarded Champion of Donington and sits at the top of the points table as we head to Castle Combe for rounds 3 and 4 of the championship on 14th October.

Castle Combe, Reprise IT TTC Rounds 3 & 4, 14 October

September 27, 2017

The second meeting of the Reprise IT Tiedeman Trophy Championship will be held at Castle Combe.

The meeting will be held over one day, with all cars on one grid. This meeting will use the twin header format, with the grid for the second race determined by the second fastest qualifying time.

Points will be awarded in each class to Competitors listed as classified finishers in the Final Results as follows: 15, 12, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Fastest lap in each Class = 1 point. Plus 1 point for each of the number of entrants in the class as at the qualifying session for this round.

Documents will appear here as they are released or updated:

Donington National, Reprise IT TTC Rounds 1 & 2, 1 October

September 21, 2017

The Reprise IT Tiedeman Trophy Championship will kick off this year at Donington, using the national circuit.

The meeting will be held over one day, with all cars on one grid. This meeting will use the twin header format, with the grid for the second race determined by the second fastest qualifying time.

Points will be awarded in each class to Competitors listed as classified finishers in the Final Results as follows: 15, 12, 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1. Fastest lap in each Class = 1 point. Plus 1 additional point for each of the number of entrants in the class as at the qualifying session for this round.

Documents will appear here as they are released or updated:

1United Kingdom Neil HARRISON213211109
2Scotland Ewen SERGISON5DNF6365105
3United Kingdom Terry CLARK10455128102
4United Kingdom James GORDON-COLEBROOKE137106131298
5United Kingdom Philip DAVIS14118991191
6United Kingdom Matthew WALTERS128DNF7191483
7United Kingdom Geoff FERN21DNF1313101383
8United Kingdom Will COX20DNF1211161583
9United Kingdom Mark SMITH81315DNF11982
10United Kingdom Chris LORD  7881066
11United Kingdom Eddie GUEST1510  151666
12United Kingdom Dean WARREN434DNF  62
13United Kingdom Jonathan BAGGOTTDNF161412  41
14United Kingdom Jeremy TIMMS  11  40
15United Kingdom Ben McGHEE1712    34
16United Kingdom Len TURNER1615    34
17Ireland Luke O'FAOLAIN    5333
18United Kingdom Dave WHEALDNFDNF1110  33
19United Kingdom Robin DAWE32DNSDNS  31
20United Kingdom Martin WRIGHT99DNSDNS  31
21United Kingdom Nigel DAVERSDNSDNSDNFDNF17630
22United Kingdom Steven GRIFFEN1814    29
23Ireland Noel RODDY    2228
24Wales Andrew BARRON115    28
25United Kingdom John HARE  1714  27
26Ireland Joe POWER    3DNF20
28United Kingdom Matthew BROMAGE6DNF    19
29United Kingdom Myles CASTALDINI    4DNF17
30United Kingdom Chris VOSPER19DNS    17
31United Kingdom Jason TIMMS  2DNF  16
32United Kingdom Terry TRUST  16DNF  14
33United Kingdom Mat JORDAN  DNFDNS  1
34United Kingdom Frazer CORBYNDNFDNS    1
35United Kingdom Chris KITE76941470
36Ireland Robbie ALLEN    740
37United Kingdom Sam DONN    18170
38United Kingdom Adrian HEATH    DNFDNF0
39United Kingdom James WILLIAMSDNFDNS    0

Tiedeman Trophy 2017 Reprise IT Tiedeman Trophy Championship
Race Date Winning Driver Team Laps Time
TT1 - Doninton Park 01-10-2017 United Kingdom Andrew GORDON-COLEBROOKE
Italy Dallara 0
TT2 - Donington Park 01-10-2017 United Kingdom Neil HARRISON
Italy Dallara 0
TT3 - Castle Combe 14-10-2017 United Kingdom Jeremy TIMMS
Italy Dallara 0 00:15:21.404
TT4 - Castle Combe 14-10-2017 United Kingdom Jeremy TIMMS
Italy Dallara 14
TT5 - Anglesey 19-11-2017 United Kingdom Neil HARRISON
Italy Dallara 12 00:15:34.838
TT6 - Anglesey 19-11-2017 United Kingdom Neil HARRISON
Italy Dallara 13 00:15:00.793

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2017 Reprise IT Tiedeman Trophy

United KingdomNeil HARRISON109
ScotlandEwen SERGISON105
United KingdomTerry CLARK102
United KingdomJames GORDON-COLEBROOKE98
United KingdomPhilip DAVIS91
United KingdomMatthew WALTERS83
United KingdomGeoff FERN83
United KingdomWill COX83
United KingdomMark SMITH82
United KingdomChris LORD66
Full Results

Mono F3 Championship

1United KingdomChris HODGEN151 (183)
2United KingdomAshley DIBDEN139 (148)
3United KingdomBen CATER117
4United KingdomNeil HARRISON110 (118)
5United KingdomSimon TATE71
Full Championship Tables

Mono 2000 Championship

1United KingdomBryn TOOTELL158 (166)
2United KingdomKevin OTWAY144 (161)
3United KingdomTerry CLARK126 (144)
4United KingdomMat JORDAN74
5United KingdomRobert SMITH68
Full Championship Tables

Mono 2000 Classic Championship

1United KingdomIan HUGHES118
2United KingdomNick CATANZARO111
3AustraliaPeter WHITMORE88
4United KingdomWill McATEER51
5United KingdomMarcus SHEARD45
Full Championship Tables

Mono 1800 Championship

1United KingdomMatthew WALTERS171 (207)
2United KingdomChris LORD148 (158)
3United KingdomDavid JONES97 (117)
4ScotlandDoug McLAY95 (113)
5United KingdomPhilip DAVIS79
Full Championship Tables

Mono 1600 Championship

1United KingdomGeoff FERN173 (187)
2United KingdomEddie GUEST145 (175)
3United KingdomJames GORDON-COLEBROOKE62
4United KingdomKevin BOTTOMLEY32
5United KingdomSimon PRUCE25
Full Championship Tables

Mono Moto 1400 Championship

1United KingdomJeremy TIMMS176 (223)
2United KingdomAndrew GORDON-COLEBROOKE129 (139)
3United KingdomJason TIMMS90
4United KingdomMartin WRIGHT46
5United KingdomTony GAUNTLETT10
Full Championship Tables

Mono Moto 1000 Championship

1IrelandMark READE116
2United KingdomMick KINGHORN112 (126)
3United KingdomKyle CUTTS94
4United KingdomRichard GITTINGS75
5United KingdomRichard MOORCROFT48
Full Championship Tables

Next Events

Monoposto has been ideal for Northbrook College, it suits our budget and the variety of venues is perfect for the student experience. We look forward to next year. Many thanks.

- Team Northbrook Racing

Everyone has been so welcoming and helped us out when we have been in need. The Championship has been excellently managed and we have thoroughly enjoyed every weekend

- Swansea Metropolitan University Team

2017 Monoposto Championship