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2015 Car Spotter pictures


Majority of pictures by courtesy of Andrew Cliffe,   copyright Norwich Photo

31 Ian Hughes Classic

12 Christian Parker Moto82 Steven Griffin Moto

16 Dan Clowes Moto  99 Dan Gore 180022 CHris Woodhouse MOTO26 Des Foley Moto30 Marc Fortune Moto 71 Andrew Gordon Colebrooke Moto 20 Tony Gauntlett Moto new car  36 Mike Hatton Classic 7 or 70 Geoff Fern Moto 70 Martin Short 1800 77 Chris Hodgen 2000 72 Richard Gittings Moto 42 Nathan Corridon 2000 15 Simon Davey 1600

00 Jake Mayes Classic26 Bryn Tootell Classic 67 Kevin Bottomley 160010 Mark Harrison 20002 Kevin McLurg 2000121 Jeremy Timms Moto27 James Rimmer 200023 Will McAteer Classic

28 George Fowler 18002 Peter Whitmore Classic

94 Jock Sergison 160061 John & Simon Hare 160070 Geoff Fern 160064 John Whitbourn Duratec55 William Thorling 180012 matthew tighe classic 25 Pedro Ferreira Classic30 Marc Fortune Moto2 Kevan McLurg 2000 1 Robbie Watts 200033 Craig Hurran Moto 34 Graham Read Moto 36 Mike Hatton 2000 38 Mark Drew Classic 39 David Gambling 2000 40 Jon Reed Moto 41 Douglas McLay Dtec 54 Tony Davies Classic 56 Kevin Couling Classic 57 Eddie Guest 1600 60 Malcom Scott 2000 69 Richard Greening 1800 71 Andrew Gordon Colebrooke Moto 73 Daryl Jones 2000 74 Marcus Sheard 1800 80 Tony Cotton 1600 82 Ben Cater 2000 90 James Williams Classic 95 Kyle Cutts Moto 99 Mat Jordan Moto 111 Shane Kelly 2000 145 Wil Arif Classic 1 Jason Timms Moto 2 or 121 Jeremy Timms Moto 3 Adrian Wright Moto 5 Russ Giles 2000 6 Peter Venn 7 Tony Bishop 2000 20 Tony Gauntlett Moto99 Steven Connor 180021 Alistair Bell Classic 24 Robin Dawe Classic


Last edited 9.00am 4th October 2015

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UKCG Mono F3 Championship

1United KingdomBen CATER123
2United KingdomRuss GILES81
3United KingdomNeil HARRISON80
4United KingdomMike HATTON53
5United KingdomTony BISHOP45
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UKCG Mono 2000 Championship

1United KingdomBryn TOOTELL133
2United KingdomKevin OTWAY94
3United KingdomTerry CLARK86
4United KingdomMat JORDAN83
5United KingdomRichard GREENING53
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UKCG Mono 2000 Classic Championship

1United KingdomPeter VENN104
2AustraliaPeter WHITMORE70
3United KingdomJared WOOD66
4United KingdomIan HUGHES46
5United KingdomMatthew BROMAGE43
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UKCG Mono 1800 Championship

1United KingdomChris LORD144
2United KingdomPhilip DAVIS112
3United KingdomSteven GRIFFEN93
4United KingdomDavid JONES70
5ScotlandDoug McLAY60
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UKCG Mono 1600 Championship

1United KingdomGeoff FERN155
2United KingdomEddie GUEST48
3United KingdomSeamus WILD24
4United KingdomWill COX17
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UKCG Mono Moto 1400 Championship

1United KingdomGeoff FERN142
2United KingdomMartin WRIGHT97
3United KingdomJason TIMMS76
4United KingdomJeremy TIMMS12
5United KingdomTony GAUNTLETT0
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UKCG Mono Moto 1000 Championship

1United KingdomDominic SHEPHERD98
2United KingdomDean WARREN79
3United KingdomMick KINGHORN68
4IrelandMark READE66
5United KingdomTom RAWLINGS59
Full Championship Tables

2017 Reprise IT Tiedeman Trophy

United KingdomNeil HARRISON109
ScotlandEwen SERGISON105
United KingdomTerry CLARK102
United KingdomJames GORDON-COLEBROOKE98
United KingdomPhilip DAVIS91
United KingdomMatthew WALTERS83
United KingdomGeoff FERN83
United KingdomWill COX83
United KingdomMark SMITH82
United KingdomChris LORD66
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2017 Monoposto Championship