Introducing: Mono 2000 Classic

Very popular class for classic cars such as Formula Vauxhall and older F3 cars, like Reynards and Ralts.  Trialled in 2007 as a Cup, and introduced as a new formula in 2008, Mono 2000 Classic has become on of the most popular and competitive classes.

  • Chassis of aluminium and/or steel for 1993 & earlier cars
  • F3 Chassis of carbon fibre or aluminium for 1992 & earlier cars.
  • Standard production engines up to 2000cc capacity, or restricted F3 engines from 1992 or earlier .  Dry sump lubrication permitted.  Carburettors or original spec fuel injection.
  • More information on the Mono2000 Classic technical page


2017 Monoposto Championship