Club Hub - Rockingham 24th & 25th May

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Emma Cliffe
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Club Hub - Rockingham 24th & 25th May

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Hi everyone,

The hub will open (or rather, the urn will be lit by) 7.30 am both days. We'll stay open for a short time after Saturday's entertainment in case you want a hot drink and will close on Sunday around 4.15 to 4.30 pm.

This time, entertainment is being provided by Sarah who is trying to write a quiz that no-one can cheat at. Not that we think anyone would cheat, but we want to cover all bases. We'll start at 7 pm at the Club Hub (we may move to a friendly garage if the weather is inclement and we can find a garage who don't mind a load of quizzers visiting them).

Look forward to seeing you there,

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Re: Club Hub - Rockingham 24th & 25th May

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Hi Everyone

As Emma has said, there will be a quiz on Saturday night. This will include racing, picture, music and general knowledge rounds, so get revising. There will be prizes!!

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