Club Hub - Oulton Park and Mallory

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Club Hub - Oulton Park and Mallory

Postby Emma Cliffe » Wed Jul 16, 2014 7:23 pm

News of the Club Hub for this weekend.

The Club Hub and equipment will be there. I will not.

I have ensured there is plenty in the way of milk, tea, coffee and biscuits and the gas bottle has been replenished. I'm sure it would be appreciated by someone (possibly the next person along to find the urn still has water in it) if you could all just keep an eye on topping the urn up etc. There is also the possibility Judith Davey will be present to keep an eye on things but I'm not sure on that one so please don't hold me to it.

Play carefully and safely and I'll see you all at Silverstone.

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