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AGM and Awards

Posted: Thu Dec 04, 2008 12:43 pm
by TFR
Saw on the news last night that the company that owns the Tewkesbury Park Hotel,has called in the administrators,does anyone know how that affects our AGM and Awards evening?

Re: AGM and Awards

Posted: Thu Dec 04, 2008 10:48 pm
by Hasbeen
Mary was on to this today.
The Hotel chain is up for sale. Tewkesbury Park is still trading. We plan to run with it for the time being. It is likely that it will be OK. I would advise anyone booking a room to use a credit card in order to have protection.
Mary has arranged a back up event for the Sunday if it all goes pear shaped. This would be an awards lunch at Royal Agricultural College as before. This is just an assurance though.

Re: AGM and Awards

Posted: Fri Jan 16, 2009 3:53 pm
by tristancliffe
Still haven't booked tickets yet. Any ideas if the Tewkesbury Park Hotel location is still going ahead? I'm sure it is, or we'd have heard something, but felt that checking would be the safe option. Then I'll sort out tickets first thing next week.

Re: AGM and Awards

Posted: Fri Jan 16, 2009 6:09 pm
by Rupert Racing
I made my reservation in early December and rang to confirm this week that all it was still valid. They confirmed the booking and there was never any mention of it being in doubt.

Re: AGM and Awards

Posted: Fri Jan 16, 2009 8:38 pm
by RedRedWine
Sums paid to the club will be retained as long as possible.

Without accepting any liability for the following comments:

The duties of an administrator include ensuring that any contracts entered into during his appointment are capable of fulfilment. So if the administrator takes your money for a room, he should either be able to supply the room or give you a refund. Otherwise you can sue the pants off him - in this case at:

Certainly, at work, when one of our customers goes under, we can be confident of being paid if the administrator orders some bits to finish off a job.

Credit card is belt and braces, nothing wrong with that.