Things i've fallen over recently

Sometimes Dermot has kept the whole Monoposto going in spares.
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Dermot Healy
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Things i've fallen over recently

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I've fallen over the following things recently

Jedi undertray/diffuser £45
Bare FVL tub £60 (planks & floor)
FVJ 8v ECU £125
FVJ engine wiring looms £30
FVJ bellhousings £35
Koni 8212 x2
Koni 8012 x2
Lovely pair of Bourgeault magnesium rear uprights £140 (Bourgeault?....that will keep you Googling)
Armstrong Historic Adjustables x6 £50ea
Vast quantity of unused high spec 2D datalogging gubbins that i don't understand £900
Small braked 2 wheel trailer to carry single seater with all new running gear £475
Vauxhall XE block £70
Cosworth YB block £120
Loads & loads of Gotti split rim centres & sections
P[air 10x13 Aleycat split rims 3.75 pcd £160
Pair 6.0" centre lock split rims - 3.75pcd....look like FVL Tecnosonly split rim £160 pr
A few odd FVJ 5 spoke Compomotive rims £25 ea
Instrument cluster with high quality Elliot Tacho & Racetech mechanical oil/water gauge £200
Various Ralt spline drive shafts
Ralt RT1 ?(early RT3?) unmachined front upright £50
Westfield SEi project...rolling chassis mainly new bits...£1500
VX XE to Hewland Mk9 3" adapter plate & input shaft - unused - £285
Loads of unmachined Royal Rp19(?) magnesium front uprights
Various March front uprights
JLS Clubmans type Hillclimb car - Mallock copy only marginally uglier - complete & ready to go £2750
V8Eurocar - SHP spaceframe with 480 bhp Ford Motorsport dry sumped 5.7L engine, Nascar axle, Jehrico box,
with glassfibre/carbon Mercedes CLK clone body £7950
1998 Mercedes E430 Estate - immaculate - taxed & tested with tow bar. Surprising economy & vast space £1600
Coventry Climax V8 1.5 litre crankshaft £100 - ideal garage doorstop - & must be even older than Jim Blockley
Loads of radiators - F3 & F3000 £25-£70
Scarab Mk 2 Formula Vee. 1979. the most successful FVee & the only one that looks like a real racing car £2950
Various Formula Renault 2.0L 1995-2000 engine bits - heads/blocks/pistons/crank
Tatuus Fr97/98 rear upright - new - £100
Tatuus Fr 97 front upright inc bearing & flange £140
Driveshafts - Dallara/FRenault/FVL/FVJ etc c £50 ea
Set of OZ Formula Renault 2000 Tatuus wheels £400
Stainless FF Kent 'up & over' exhaust system inc repackable silencer (non FF spec) £280
FVL Bosch injection inlet plenun/airflow meter & throttle body £100
Early Modsports Davrian for restoration ..with std engine & in decayed state...£1600

etc etc etc

throughly bored now

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Re: Things i've fallen over recently

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Hey Dermott using my name in your adverts will cost u next time i see u!!! hahahah

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Re: Things i've fallen over recently

Post by driftwood »

I can only think of 2 reasons your name could be used
1 in Vain
2 in advert to say NEVER used by Jim Blockley therfore in excellant condition

Mrs Blockley said she can take Jim anywhere twice
second time to apologise !

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