Quick lift Jacks/stands/corner weight gauge/scale levellers

Sometimes Dermot has kept the whole Monoposto going in spares.
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Dermot Healy
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Quick lift Jacks/stands/corner weight gauge/scale levellers

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3 Champion long single seater type Quick Lift Jacks - appear unused - £138+vat =£165 from DT....£80 each

1 Anonymous quick lift of more dubious parentage ....but works ok......£35

Pair of large (24"?) chassis stands - unused - more robust than the usual items £40 pair
Pair extra long 7" chassis stands - unused - £57+vat =£68 from DT.....£35

Pace 0-600lb corner weight gauge - unused- £167+vat= £200 from DT...£120

Set of 4 Intercomp Scale Levelling Pads - currently with banking pads to allow them to be used to provide a flat
floor for setup purposes - or will accept standard 15" sq scales pads for corner weight adjustment
- appear unused - £399+vat= £480 from DT.....£150

Various jump Battery Trolleys...ranging from £10-£30 depending on level of paddock charisma required

Alloy Pit Board with alloy housing to store the numbers (no numbers with it... but they can be bought for about £12)
Looks as though it was last waved at Satoru Nakajima (...well that is my story anyway) ....£35

Vast quantity of rather smart 2D datalogging equipment (inc manuals)...unused & in packaging...but don't
ask me what it will do or not do or how it would go together £850

Hydraulic Engine Lift..ideal for engine instalation or lifting single seaters on to stands etc etc....£120

...& loads more


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Re: Quick lift Jacks/stands/corner weight gauge/scale levell

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Oh, some bits there I need. I've PM'd you. How do you know that is the awsum Nakajima's pit board? Is it still on fire?

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