Big AMF Clamshell Trailer - £1950

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Big AMF Clamshell Trailer - £1950

Postby Dermot Healy » Wed Aug 29, 2012 4:50 pm

Big AMF Clamshell trailer

These used to be the things to have before fibreglass wonders became all the fashion.
They exude good taste, and mark you out from the nouveau riche with their tacky plastic BJ bling. Alloy over a thin tube framework, so surprisingly light & and manouverable. Full width design allows you to carry the largest of cars. You could probably live, work, procreate and die in it.

This one was bought secondhand for around £3500 in 2009 ish ...then had £500 spent with new struts & general refurbishment & has seen little use since. Ideal for big wide sports cars or single seaters. Comes with tyre rack etc etc


door opening... ............6ft 9"
internal width .. approx .7ft.3"
bed length...................17ft.0
internal height...approx...4ft.6"

Overall length ...20ft 9"
Overall width ....8ft.0" (yes ..that is legal since 2011 to tow with any vehicle)
overall height.....6ft 0"

£1950 ...delivered to your door to delight the neighbours


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