Pair of Formula Vauxhall-Lotus Mk1 sidepods

Sometimes Dermot has kept the whole Monoposto going in spares.
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Dermot Healy
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Pair of Formula Vauxhall-Lotus Mk1 sidepods

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Pair of FVL Mk1 sidepods in good condition £140 the pair
Pair of FVL Mk2 sidepods...errr...ok...£70 the pair
FVL Mk2 top body sections - selection to choose form - £40 each
FVL Mk2 alloy angle sections which locate sidepods to floor...£15 pair
FVL tracking poles - £20 the pair
FVL engine block £50
FVL crank - i'm told it is early lightweight type - £40
FVL con rods £8 each
etc etc

...and assorted other delightful c**p


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