Goldstar Racecam - £50

Sometimes Dermot has kept the whole Monoposto going in spares.
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Goldstar Racecam - £50

Postby Dermot Healy » Mon Sep 17, 2012 9:36 pm

Goldstar idea how/if these things work.....


Comes with all sorts of leads, small rectangular box (power/interface thing?)+ camera marked Hi-Res DSP colour & the ever so reasuring words 'Made in Korea'.

Leads don't all seem to mate correctly as if they had not all started life together but i was told it was supposed to be working
but who knows

Is it worth £50 inc postage? as they seem to cost c. £250 new

Equip your car with a camera and amaze your friends with your ability to stall on the start line & career off into the barriers


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