Things i have fallen over recently.....

Sometimes Dermot has kept the whole Monoposto going in spares.
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Things i have fallen over recently.....

Postby Dermot Healy » Sun Sep 21, 2014 9:08 pm

Battery Trolley - Champion - red thing with tool tray at the top. Functional but not shiny....£25
Complete set Reynard F3 uprights F & R (873/883ish) + with bearings/wheel pins/wheel flanges £700
Pair of NACA ducts which would look so pretty incorporated into your bodywork...£25

Complete Vauxhall XE Mono spec engine with twin scavenge dry sump. lightweight flywheel 7.25 AP clutch
...bored +0.5mm needs a set of pistons, or to be sleeved back to std in which case i can supply with early
forged XE std pistons........£900

Weber Alpha "ignition only" ECU + scruffy loom.....sold to me as working ...but who knows. £60
Original FVL mk1 MBE "ignition only" ECU with dizzy & coil etc - £125

13/36 Dallara type F3a CWP - vgc- £240

Van Dieman Mono Classic Project - complete car with everything refurbished - but in bits.....nice project
over the winter to just reassemble

Various 7.25" & 5.5" multiplate F3 clutches.....c £90 - £175 ea

Various F3 flywheels Toyota/VW etc

Opel Spiess F3 cylinder head - requires 'simple' repair in tappet block rather than combustion chamber £200

Reynard 'dustbin lid' type wheels 95mm pcd. 10.25' width ....£150 a pair
Mad'in 7x13 split rims 95mm pcd (FF Zetec rears) £125 pair
Compomotive 6x13 FVJ wheels....£125 set of 4

Ratchet straps - 3m long Proper high quality things- new, red & shiny - £30 set of 4.
(& yes yes...i too always used to get mine by picking them up off the hard shoulder on the motorway
but at only £30 for 4 is it worth the effort?)

Wing, wings & more good asking for measurements/photos - you really need to come & rummage at CV8

...and loads loads more delightful junk


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