recent acquisitions

Sometimes Dermot has kept the whole Monoposto going in spares.
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Dermot Healy
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recent acquisitions

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Got an FVL & an FVJ8v to sell ....owned both of them in the past & they have now come back after several years ...cheapish.
Got three Formula Fords....less engine & gearbox...VD84, JamunM89 & a 'mystery' which might be an OX £1400-£2400
FF1600 engine - in bits - can be built up or sold as is
Mono spec Vauxhall XE complete £1600
FF1800 Zetec complete £1100
FF1800 block, head & innards £350
bubble 'type' Wheel balancer - £50
Dallara F98-00 (?) sidepods LH & RH £100 pair
FVL body work - loads of
Mk9(& possibly LD) fitting open diff £385
Mk9 (& possibly LD) cam& pawl LSD £385
loads of carbon F3000 winglets £30-£60 pair
Dallara F397 nose cone £200 (at least i think it is 397) £150
Dallara F395/6 transaxle £2650
Madin 8" & 10" rims with slicks 3.75pcd - £400 the set - very shiny!
Set of Arrows A7(?) F & R bare uprights £350
Pair alloy bodied Bilsteins £100
Pair AP 4 pot F1/F2 type lug mount calipers for big vented discs...£500....SOLD (probably)
Hewland Mk9 Gearbox - in bits - most parts are included but odd bits missing £1950
Single 10x13 Formula Renault 2000 (1995-1999 spaceframe) Madin rear wheel 100mmpcd ..£80
Single seater type quick lift jack ...£50...SOLD
VW 2.0 litre cylinder block £40
Toyota 3SGE block & crank - £60
F3 Sodemo Renault 'coil on plug' set ..£60
Ford RS2000 mk5/6 DOHC dry sump system complete - £475
Ford RS2000 mk5/6 DOHC inlet manifoild for Webers.....£60
FF1800 Zetec induction systems £50
FF1800 Zetec exhusst inc cat ...£60
....and loads more delightful junk


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