Carbon noses & wing

Sometimes Dermot has kept the whole Monoposto going in spares.
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Carbon noses & wing

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Carbon nosecone

Proper modern honeycomb crash structure type thing that could (perhaps) be grafted onto the front of your car to help the poor thing deal with issues of poor body image & low self esteem. Nowadays if your car is lined up in the paddock & it doesn't have a nice carbon nose it can feel severe emotional distress.

Can supply with suitable carbon 'self assembly' wing. Comprises top & bottom plane with internal reinforcing spar

Nose is 100cm long & approx 340mm x325mm at the rear where it meets the chassis tub
Wing is approx 1460 mm wide x 295mm deep

Nose cone = £120.00
Wing (glue the 3 parts together yourself) = £120

Send me an email & i'll send you piccies


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