big list of things i've tripped over or fallen on my toes

Sometimes Dermot has kept the whole Monoposto going in spares.
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Dermot Healy
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big list of things i've tripped over or fallen on my toes

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Dallara F399-01 damper cover = £80
'Up & over' FF Kent exhaust system inc FF Spec silencer £75
7.25 AP Race clutch with 7/8 20 plate & matching lightweight Vauxhall XE flywheel - £200
7.25 AP twin plate race clutches £100 each
Pait 7x13 MAD'In FF Zetec rear wheels 3.75pcd £125 pair
Van Diemen Duratec bellhousing £240
Ford Zetec modified engine - c. 220 bhp - cams/headwork/forged pistons/steel rods £1500 (not Mono legal!)
Toyo 3SGE block/crank & random other bits from 89ish Celica engine ...£40
Pair SACH alloy bodied dampers - look new - £140
Formula Vauxhall Lotus front beam....£30
FFZetec exhaust inc cat £50
Hewland LD200 rear end cover with wing support £90
Dallara F395/6 complete transaxle with VX/Opel bellhousing £2650
Sadev sequential dog rings F0085004 - new/as new £60 each
Supernova Formula SuperVee/F3 'Ghost' ie corners/steelwork/wigns bodywork but no tub/engine/gearbox or wheels £1250
Reynard 'dustbin lid' 10.5' rims - 3.75 peg pcd - fit rear of Vauxhall lotus etc - £140 pair
Set of 4 Avon A15 hillclimb tyres - 7.2/20/13 & 9.0/20/13....recent with no competitve use. Super soft...£Half Price
F3 Renault Sodemo coil pack set - £80
F311 Dallara Mercedes exhsust sysetm inc cat - ever so pretty - £300
Hart 2.8L big bore exhaust manifold - £125
Rover V8 single seater/sports car exhaust mfld £125
Cosworth FVA exhaust manifold £225
Vauxhall XE single seater exhaust mfld £225
Set of 4 Mini 10x5 Revolutions -3 even have period Dunlop SP tyres to remind you of your youth if you are very old..£90
Clubman/westfield/Lotus 7 type big bore exhaust manifold £100
Various 70s clubman/single seater noses - £30-£70 each
Pair Ralt F3000 sidepods £30
Set of 4 5.50Lx15 Dunlop CR65 - 204 - historic race tyres - used £40
Lotus 62 (maybe) adapter plate - Lotus 907 engine to FT200 box...£120
Rover V8 to Hewland FG gearbox ..£120
Hewland Mk7 6 speed (no reverse) gearbox from 1960s SCA engined F2 car - £3750
Pair SWEBE (ie Ronnie Petersons dads copy of a Brabham ) 8x13 wheels £180
Hewland input shafts - various from 10" to 40"- provide details of length/splines required
Dallara 18" (between circlip grooves) 22 spline drive shaft £95
Dalara CV tripos & housings ...£30 each
Lobro joints £25
RS2000 Mk6 dry sump kit inc pump/& cast sump pan/pullies etc - could be modded for other fitment - £450
F3A/Dallara/Reynard CWP 13/36...some pitting but very usable - £140
March 86B radiatiors £40 each
Loads of Mad'in rim sections ...mostly inners from FFZetec & FRenault £20 each
Single Mad'in 95mm 3.75 centre £25
Big Techcraft repackable alloy silencer £60
Staffs/Elite open diff - £100
Various Hewland FT/FG/DG (possibly) cam pawl LSD components - inner track/outer track/cover etc
PiResearch linear sensors with lin/rot interface boxes £25 ea
Dallara rear oll bars - various ages & characters
VanDiemen roll bars - various ages & charaters
Weber Alpha ign only ECU P1030B4 /loom. was used on Vx XE....may (or may not) work!!!...£60

....& loads more


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Re: big list of things i've tripped over or fallen on my toe

Post by Wingnut »

Dermot - this Zebec 220bhp engine - do you still have it? Whats with it - might be interested in using to upgrade for the 2.0 engine in my Westfield.

What does it come with? Is it a red top or a black top?

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