AW2 Gem-Yamaha

Sometimes Dermot has kept the whole Monoposto going in spares.
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Dermot Healy
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AW2 Gem-Yamaha

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This rather wonderful creation has now come into my possession.

Most Mono competitors will remember it - though usually it was the rear of the car that was the most evident to fellow competitors
Race winning, Championship winning & just ever so clever

Designed & built by Adrian Wright & raced by him from 2004-11. Subsequently
raced occasionally in Irish Libre Series

Modified injected Yamaha R1 engine with Accusump, 6-sp sequential + reverse system. Spaceframe
clothed in carbonfibre and kevlar to form semi monocoque tub. Very crafty aero geegaws

Now needs some electrical attention & some basic titivation and cosmetics

Price will depend on whether you have it as it is ...or whether I have it revived & refreshed by my highly motivated team
of specialist preparation experts (when they have finished fixing the lawnmower) ... but ...either way, it will
still be massively cheaper than anything else you find with comparable performance potential.

07703 162409

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