Some more quality junk

Sometimes Dermot has kept the whole Monoposto going in spares.
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Dermot Healy
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Some more quality junk

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AMB TranX DP260 Transponder £200.00
Pi Research 'C Dash' £90.00
Assorted PiResearch sensors etc £Various
Various 3" Six Point single seater harnesses - FIA date expired- blue & black - £35ea
FF2000 Pinto Sachs clutch cover & driven plate - unused - £30
Pair unused US spec Van Diemen FF2000 rear wing supports £45
Pinto Holbay engine, 205 block, Dry Sumped, Forged pistons & steel rods, 4011 Cam, BVH, twin 45 Webers, Luminition etc etc £2650
Luminition rev limiter £25
Pair modern VanDiemen rear uprights inc bearings Tripo type drive housings & wheel flanges £300 pair
Reynard/FVL front alloy crossmember inc sphericals £45
Pair 10x13 Image split rims - 3.75"pcd - £150 pair
FF Kent rocker cover - dry sump type - £15
Set of 4 new unused massive AP Racing 4 pot steel calipers (CP6697) for McLaren of some sort - inc pads. Prob for 340x32 ish discs - £700
Pair March 712 front uprights inc bearings & wheel flanges etc £400
PRG E-tech77 open trailer 14ftx6ft5 with extra long ramps, winch etc. unmarked and appears as new - £2600
Formula Vauxhall-Lotus flywheel £25
Set of rockers and wishbones (F & R) for Van Diemen Formula Forward/F2000 - £225
Formula Vauxhall Junior 16v top body cockpit section £30
Formula Vauxhall-Lotus Mk2 top body cockpit section - various from £20-£50 depending on condition
Hawke cast alloy rear crossmember £45
Formula Vauxhall Lotus Mk 1 glassfibre carb cover (can be used with Mk2 body when fitted with Webers) £10ea
Dallara/Hewland F3A 13/36 cwp - excellent condition £500
Formula Vauxhall Junior rear rockers £80
Pair inboard rear discs for 70s FF/F3 ...used but usable with a clean up - £25 pair

...+ all the rest of the usual c**p


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