Recent acquisitions

Sometimes Dermot has kept the whole Monoposto going in spares.
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Recent acquisitions

Postby Dermot Healy » Fri Feb 19, 2016 2:09 pm

Couple of new things

1. PRS RH01 1978 Classic Formula Ford

Been on the hills for decades & then sat unused for a few years. Basically seems quite a sound car but really could do with coming apart & refettling. Can come as a roller with gearbox or complete with most of the bits to make an FF1600 engine.....Price depends on how far i have got reviving it.

2. Reynard 883. F3

Another one which has been run in sprints & on the hills...Less engine. Very smart tidy car. Has come with lots of spares - suspension/bodywork
etc etc. which i will sell off to the usual suspects if they are in the mood. As for the car itself it is difficult to know its best future. It could be sold less engine & box to make a bike engined concoction....or it could come with most of the bits - except engine - to return it to F3 could be sold with gearbox so it could have a mono spec engine installed.

3. Dunnel Zetec 1800 Ford engine - - -Dunnell modified dry sump Zetec engine, steel rods, forged pistons, vernier cams , twin Dellortos etc etc

4. Historic Jack Knight 4 sp IMP straight cut dog box. --Correct spec with composite layshaft, needle roller bearings & available with adaptor to mate to Ford pre crossflow. Unused since refurb by JK in 1960s !!!!

5. OZ alloys 8s & 10s - US VD FF2000/ Formula Ireland/FX - - 3.75 pcd - 125 backspace (F) 170 backspace (R) - 1 full set + one spare F & R

6. Set of 4 1960s Lotus 'Wobbly Webs' Lotus 22/23/27 - 4 bolt front 6 bolt rear

7. Various Brabham 8s ("wobblies') & 9s & 12s (four spokes)

8. Stack datalogging system & instrumentation probably from 1990s DTM or ALMS car - - Ideal or the eletcronics 'nerd' who likes a challenge

9. 'Build your own Historic Race Car Kit'...comprises all corners/wheels/bodywork/wings etc etc from mid '70s Tui Supernova Super Vee
Just make up your own alloy monocoque, find an engine & box & away you go!

+ all the usual quality C@@P


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