Self assembly 'historic' race cars

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Self assembly 'historic' race cars

Postby Dermot Healy » Wed Jun 15, 2016 7:06 pm

Nobody seems keen to do this, but surely there must be people who want to build their
own nice 'historic' race car- using ingenuity and effort - rather than the money they haven't got

I have three 'starter packages' for those who see only opportunites and challenges where others might see difficulties

1. Tui Supernova Formula Super Vee

F&R suspension/uprights/driveshafts/steering/chassis steelwork/rollhoops/wings/some bodywork/
...."all it needs" is engine & gearbox &... errrr....a monocoque tub fabricated......£1200 ish

2. Argo JM9 F3....

Unused alloy panels, folded & drilled, which look as though they comprise most of the
tub, wheels, some suspension, alloy bulkheads & crossmembers,driveshafts/nosecone/crash box/ roll hoop
etc etc..........£850

3 Arrows A9 ...

Unused composite tub & floor, with some other Arrows wings & uprights, some period correct wheels + an assortment of bracketry and delightful other alloy things which could look as thought they are Arrows related (but most of which are really March)...stir & season to taste............£1250

What a wonderful opportunity for those who can use a telephone & have sufficient imagination to
mean they don't want photographs


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