Random selection of Goodies

Sometimes Dermot has kept the whole Monoposto going in spares.
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Random selection of Goodies

Postby Dermot Healy » Fri Jun 24, 2016 9:43 pm

1.....Original Vauxhall-Lotus exhaust manifold.....must be the only one in existence that has not been welded/cracked/welded again/cracked again/welded again....£200.00....inc UK delivery
2.....Champion Battery Trolley...cornerweights done/alignment checked /cambers set/...all
ready for that mad rush up the pit lane when you stall...£35.00
3.....Quick Lifts - Choice of 4 - Champion long reach £75.00, Shiny Silver example - not sure of maker -
but similar to Champion long reach £65.00, Champion short reach - £50.00 & another Champion jack but different design with wide lifting platform & base + U shaped handle £60.00
4.....DTA E48 ECU with loom, coil, plug leads, crank trigger etc etc. Came off a BDG but could be
remapped to suit whatever...£200
5.....Ford Crossflow/Twin cam/BDA dry sump system with steel pan & pump...£240
6.....Van Diemen Vauxhall Junior rear rockers £45 ea, front casting £25,
7... .Pair ALCON 2 pot alloy calipers (Formula Renault or late FVL type) 89mm lug mount
with new pads ....£180.00
8....Large enclosed alloy bodied 4 wheel Clamshell Type Trailer, electric winch, tyre rack
etc etc. 6ft-8'' door width, 15ft-6" bed. Excellent to use - functional rather than pretty £1650.00
9....Set of 48mm Jenvey Throttle Bodies with long intake trumpets ...but one spindle has seized due to sitting so need love and attention £150.00
10...Loads of driveshafts & input shafts - send spline details & length & i'll root through the heap


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