Lightweight Covered Trailer - £850

Sometimes Dermot has kept the whole Monoposto going in spares.
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Lightweight Covered Trailer - £850

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Remorque extraordinaire - 'Cloporte' - £850

This extraordinary French trailer has been christened 'The Woodlouse' for obvious reasons.

It was professionally made & i'm told was used to carry a Hesketh 308E F1 car.
It is 2 wheel, very light, & beautifully constructed. It is ideal for a single seater
and the balance of the thing is such that mid engined cars can be loaded frontwards.
It is wide enough to accommodate modern wide track Formula Fords etc

It tows exceptionally well at indecent speeds and even has lights that work!

The cover is sound and is in a lovely subtle chic French grey colour which will
really appeal to your neighbours and enhance property values all around the area.

Best of all, it has a whole range of features that you can marvel at - but which don't work! the front there is a control box with loads of switches and lights which (at some point in the dim and distant past) allowed you to raise & lower the axle (via solenoids, motorised screw plungers etc etc) & operate the electric winch etc etc. However even without these things operating the trailer works fine & is easy to load. Of course, you could always devote energy to making all these feature work if you had the enthusiasm.

Approx 4.2m x 1.9m....& about 1.2m to centre of vee in roof

So...a nice covered trailer for £850.00

Collect from CV8 or OL6 or delivery available at modest cost


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