Assorted recently acquired quality c**p

Sometimes Dermot has kept the whole Monoposto going in spares.
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Assorted recently acquired quality c**p

Postby Dermot Healy » Sat Jul 07, 2018 5:46 pm

Tyre changing machine – with air operated bead breaker & adjustable stand allowing removal of very wide tyres......£120

Single seater/sportscar type quick lift jack…..£70

Pit board + number set……£50

Pair of large 205x40cm alloy trailer ramps….£75..SOLD

Large 3 leg hub/flange puller…£12

Cosworth side mount dry sump pump – X/Flow/Twin cam/BDA/G…..£140

Bosch 979 high volume injection fuel pump – Sierra Cosworth etc…..£25

Bosch 929 high volume injection fuel pump – various applications…£25

Engine test stand – scruffy - designed for to allow test running of FF2000 engines…£30

Pair small alloy rear 2 pot calipers……..£100

Small Suzuki SE700A suitcase type generator…..£70

Elderly HPC Compressor 150L tank…… £70

750kg rotatable workshop engine stand….£30

Van Diemen RF80 fuel tank…..£40

Small unused single seater steering rack…..£125

Very large collection Mugen F3 engine parts -90s/early 00s-
….new & some used…but identification is the problem so no good
asking for a list!......poa

Koni Steel bodied 2 way adj dampers 340mm & 270mm…£165 a pair

Dallara F305/7 rear floor/diffuser –used- £150

Dallara F305/7 unused random aero bits….poa

Dallara F305/7 – unused fuel cell valid 2022….poa

Dallara F399-01 gearbox…….£2000

Lotus ‘wobbly web’ 15x6 wheel….£75

Tatuus FR99/99 rear bare upright - unused…£80

Tatuus FR2000 2001-9 rear upright with wheelflange/pin etc ……£100

Massive collection (70+) of single seater ant roll bars – VD/Reynard/Swift/Dallara etc

Massive collection driveshafts (50+)– provide spline type & length & I’ll try to match

Hewland input shafts – Mk4-9/ FT/FG (50+) - provide spline type & length & I’ll try to match

Pair 6x13 magnesium Minilites – 3.75 pcd . Scruffy –believed from historic Clubmans car £80

Set of 4 used F3 size AVON wets…£60

Pair good used Dunlop wets 230/570/13….£60

FFZetec intake restrictor…..£15

Jones mechanical rev counter – from 1970s March F3…….£100

Various SADEV FR2000 gear sets – new/as new….from £50 per set

New Hewland LD200 dog ring …..£60

Used Mk9/FT/FG dog rings from £20 ea

LONGACRE electronic cornerweight scales – newly refurbished - £695

Dial gauge with magnetic base….. £30

Glass burettes for cyclinder head volume measurement ….£10 ea

Lucas Dizzy for Climax FWA/B…£90

Veglia/Svama mechanical rev counter from Martini F3….£90..SOLD

9 litres of very expensive Silkolene Pro4Plus bike oil.....@ 40% of whatever it retails at

BMC A Series 4.55 diff (£70) & 4.22 CWP ...£35

Formula Vauxhall/Opel-Lotus exhaust manifold – no cracks/ no welds ..£160

‘Helicopter joints’ as used in gearlinkage & steering columns….poa

loads & loads of rose joints vaioius quality to suit your budget

+ all the other usual delightful junk


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