Avon & Dunlop wets

Sometimes Dermot has kept the whole Monoposto going in spares.
Dermot Healy
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Avon & Dunlop wets

Postby Dermot Healy » Sun Sep 02, 2018 4:56 pm

Set of F3 AVON Wets

nice sharp edges & little wear

180/550/13 Fronts (req 7-9" rim)
250/570/13 Rears. (req 9-11" rim)

£60 the 4

Also a pair of DUNLOP 230/570/13 wets...good.... £40 the pair
(more expensive than the Avons 'cos the swirly tread pattern looks prettier!)

Collect from OL6, ST14 or CV8...wherever is most convenient


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