Pre-season visitation

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Pre-season visitation

Post by Dave »

I was in the garage tinkering about the other day when, out the corner of my eye, I saw a cyclist coming down the drive. I didn't take a lot of notice but then a voice said, "Oy. Get a move on. There's only two weeks to go". It was Simon Davey's voice in the tone that he uses to get you down to the assembly area or the prizegivings. I looked up and he was peddling away.
Simon lives more than a hundred miles away from me so it can't have been him. Perhaps I was dreaming. But be aware. He's out there. Get your car ready or you might get a visit.
Be warned.
David Parkinson
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Re: Pre-season visitation

Post by tristancliffe »

Ha ha ha ha ha ha!
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Re: Pre-season visitation

Post by stevengriffin »

That's funny, something similar happened to me. Last week I was changing the oil in the garage and I spilt some. It made a pattern on the floor.
I looked at the emerging image and I was amazed to see the face of Simon Davey forming from the drops of lubricant. It was only momentary as it rapidly tranformed to an image of the Virgin Mary holding a spanner. I might have to change my Alzheimer tablets if this gets any worse.
Spooky or what? :wink:

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