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Driving Standards

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this article in startline is very apt but feel almost impossible to instigate any form of control.
its seems over the years it that there is relunctance for a driver to make a clean overtaking manourve.
If you are trying to overtake a driver of similar speed there is a time when you have to except you cannot complete the manourve and fall back in line and try again,not just bash your way through (as in BTCC)which usually ends up in damaged cars and a red flag.
Also same applies to the driver being overtaken blatant weaving(against the msa rules), turning in when the overtaking driver is fully alongside

Race hard but fair. there seems to be growing attitude problem that drivers have paid there entry fee and can do what they want.

i.e.When i have approached drivers recently to disccuss an incident amicably. have been told f off. or in one case where following a driver for several laps who weaved ,blocked etc. his comment was there was no way i coming past him unless it was on the grass.

The same applies to overtaking slower cars the owneous must be on the overtaking driver to make sure that the slower driver knows he is being overtaken.

i accept that mistakes are made and majority try to aviod incidents, but the ever increasing red plags would point to lack of awareness.

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