Two Driver Scruitineering?

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Two Driver Scruitineering?

Post by Cscott »

I'm pleased to say me (Chris) and my Dad (Mike) are finally making our 2012 debut in Mono. We finished last year with the intention of a quick engine change in our Speads and her we are abou 10 months later! It drops right in we were told.........yeah right ;)

In between we have managed to hospitalise my Dad and write-off a March F2 (in one go!) and grab a few gokart podiums :)

Dad is racing Saturday and me Sunday (if he doesn't write this one off!!!) and my question regards scruitineering/signing on. One of my best friends has rather inconsideratly decided to get married on the saturday so I won't be there, can Dad get the car and my gear scruitineered on saturday leaving me free to just sign on on Sunday or do we have to get the whole thing looked at again?

PS I am hoping I have more luck than last year, Brands I did 6" (CV faliure on grid) and Snetterton 6" (Drive shaft faliure on grid) so if I make a clean foot in the race it will be an improvement!

Thanks in advance

Chris Scott
Speads RM02

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Re: Two Driver Scruitineering?

Post by Dave »


You seem to have had a trying time.
The car needs only to be scrutineered the once and you can just sign in on the Sunday.
Are you keeping the same race number. Might be problems if you're not. I'm not sure. I'm sure you can get round it in any event.
David Parkinson
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