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Wheel material - aluminium versus magnesium

Posted: Tue Nov 11, 2008 5:07 pm
by schomosport
The continuing fruitless search for used magnesium rims for the Ralt has lead me to investigate buying new.

Comparing prices aluminium versus magnesium is eye watering - typically £300 - £500 for modular rims with magnesium centres or cast one-piece whereas aluminium rims can be bought for little more than £100

Apart from the increase in unsprung weight - about 1.5kg for an 8" rim - any other issues to consider if I change from magnesium to alloy rims e.g. increasing the overall suspension loading beyond what it was originally designed for? They would only be used for front wets (at least as long as I can maintain a serviceable pair of mags for slicks!) so the dynamic loading isn't goingto be at maximum either.

Alternatively if anyone can offer me 6 matching rims with 4.5" backspace I will modify the existing hubs to suit!