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Posted: Mon May 11, 2015 7:17 am
by stevengriffin
I was watching some Formula 1 Rewind on BBC iplayer yesterday. I was struck that even in the 1980s the drivers kept well away from the curbs at all times. The more I watched the more it was clear they didn't even touch them.
Nowadays even for us club racers one cannot get a decent time without being quite aggressive with the curbs. The F1 drivers are sometimes four wheels over the line (JP would not be happy with his pressure pads etc).
I am interested to hear what people think, I have no idea why things have changed. Is it as simple that curbs used to be higher or something more complex?
Perhaps some of you quick guys can explain. Personally I hate riding the curbs, I don't like the noise and vibration and I'm always anxious that the suspension might break but I am a wuss. :?

Re: Curbs

Posted: Mon May 11, 2015 12:56 pm
by lee
I know exactly what you mean Steve. I never used the curbs which may explain the lack of outright pace. I was always in the school of thought that the first priority is to finish, preferably in one piece. My first car the Lola T642 had some big rear uprights that were very low to the ground and that fear of breaking one or the mountings was always there. I once caught a curb in that car at Oulton Park and the pinion popped out of the steering rack. It felt a little light on the way up clay hill and once into Druids reality hit me and luckily I didn’t hit anything!
This carried over to the Reynard, in the essence that I didn’t want to put too much undue pressure on the equipment. 1980’s F1 always looked as much as an endurance event. The cars/engines were fragile and the drivers had respect for that. I remember watching dome F3 cup a couple of years ago stood at the Oulton chicane. The driver on pole attacked the curbs and if you saw the state of the car afterwards you could really see the effect it had.

But you’re right in the fact that curbs are not what they used to be (sounding old now!), look at the ones at Pembrey, you would think twice about traversing those in a land rover. I don’t really understand the gripe some drivers are having about track limits. The track is where you should be, not four wheels on the grass. If the rules are policed with consistency there no problem.

Re: Curbs

Posted: Tue May 19, 2015 11:27 pm
by triple j motorsport
Track limit has always been an issue who remember the old circuit at Paddock? 3 times on it and black flagged.

Curbs became safer and smaller hence they got used the old cow pats curbing at Druids at brands damaged your chassis if hit them.