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Jules Bianchi

Postby stevengriffin » Sun Jul 19, 2015 7:24 am

Like all motorsport competitors I was saddened to hear of this young man's death yesterday. Good looking bloke from a rich family who drove Formula 1 cars for a living, he seemed to have it all didn't he?
As usual there was a great deal of navel gazing amongst the rule makers about safety measures that could be introduced. The obvious one being no diggers on track during races. I thought they should have learned that after the Brazilian GP some years ago when several cars crashed in the rain, I think Schumacher nearly hit a JCB that time.
The reality is that Jules Bianchi lost control of his car, all by himself, under double waved yellows. Yes it was getting dark, he was on worn out tyres and it was pouring with rain but that should make it even more important to drive within caution. It was not as if he was about to win the race was it? He could have hit the marshals and hurt one of them, as it was he hit the big digger thing and did himself a fatal injury. A really sad waste of a young life that had hardly started (by the standards of an old fart like me anyway).
I know that if any of us had crashed under double waved yellows,and survived, most Clerks of Course would give us a massive bollocking.
The difference between professionals and us amateurs I guess.

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