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Thank you

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Just to say a huge thank you to the Mono paddock and organisers for rallying around and helping me in my hour of need.

The avoidable incident left me feeling rather upset to say the least, (judging from how blue the air was I think most of you around my awning could gather - my sincere apologies)!

And if anything good can come from this unfortunate situation then at the very least it is reminder that motorised pit equipment should be used with due care and with the respect of other paddock users. I understand one of the boys (I was later informed he was the pillion passenger) is a member of the mono family and despite my displeasure of the whole avoidable accident, I understand he technically was not in control of his own destiny, therefore I wish him well with his recovery and thank god his injuries were not more serious than they already are, the thoughts of what could have resulted do not bear thinking about.

Special thanks to Terry Clark and friends for helping to push my car up the tunnel hill, John Whitbourn for coming to my aid with a replacement wing, and to Doug McLay for his help in supplying the part to help me repair my suspension on Sunday, not forgetting to mention the AVIT crew for being great help as always.

Matt Walters
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Re: Thank you

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What happened; I missed all this?

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