Mondello race in September

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Mondello race in September

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I have had an Invitation from Irish racer asking if we would like to come and race at Mondello Park 17/18 September.
The Leinster Trophy is the feature meeting of their season and each years the trophy race is awarded to different
classes and this year it is the turn of The Libre class to be principle race.

As it is an open formula any single seater can race so all Mono classes and F3 cup are eligible plus
F1 F2 F3000 F5000.

Mono race at Silverstone GP 11/12 Sept so it is an ideal opportunity to then have a short holiday and clean car off
and head to Holyhead to get the ferry on Thursday late afternoon test Friday and 2 races over the weekend.
Then tour Dublin Monday and Tuesday head home Wednesday?

At present there is no official ferry hotel deal in place but the plan is IF there ar enough numbers the Mondello club can
then present a case to the Ferry company for special price.
The meeting is being held on their International circuit not the short circuit and Mondello have their own TV via their website

I was given this info as a guide on costs
You have a deal with a hotel in Naas at €50.00 per night B & B. (Naas Court Hotel but other hotels are available)
Alan Kessie told me that the most he paid for a return trip for a Jeep and trailer was €290.00
Entry for race should be about €285.00.
This includes 2 x 15 min. qualifying sessions, 1 x 15 min. race (Sat) and 1 x 20/25 min race.(Sun)

There is also a FFord race too so if any Mono racers want to race FFord then you can have a great weekends racing

So if you are interested let me know ASAP and they can sort something out for us

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