A note from a Director

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A note from a Director

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Dear All,

I've been watching the comments on the FR debate with interest. However I have seen a few comments related to what appears to be no comments from Directors about the debate and I would like to tell you all why I do this and why I've not commented. I will talk about myself - as it not my place to talk about "us" or "we" - this is my letter....

Many years ago, my Dad and I started motor racing. We hillclimbed a Jedi. We had fun, drank wine in the sun, laughed with new friends and old, slept in our trailer/car/tent, often smelled and we did win a bunch of races & records & championships. We were in love with motor racing. Years later we find ourselves racing a Jedi, on circuits, not winning any races but having the same fun, occasional arguments about why my car wont pull 181mph on long gearing (Spa) and loving our time together come rain or shine, podium or no podium, these are our days and we making the most of them while we can.

Some years ago - four I think, I was honoured to be asked to become a Director of the club and class representative for the MotoMono class and joined the technical committee. I thought I was up for the job and I would be able to further support what I thought was a really great motor racing club. I've been in a few over the last 20 years and I've seen all sorts of organisations - some great, some not so...

As a Director I take myself off to Committee meetings, at my own time and expense, I sit through some pretty boring parts where we confirm the general administration and we talk about some funny parts where BBC wants to get us on air - except their Hotmail address seems to come from overseas and we need to send a cheque for £5000 up front.... What I do love is to be part of is "helping" (and that's my word) the club manage its way through difficult times, plan a future, deliver the plan for the seasons event model and deal with race to race issues.

We do have mini sub-committees, a technical one, a race one, a child protection one, a financial one.. We do have legal obligations to adhere to - as a Not for Profit UK Sporting Club/ Society we are VAT exempt for example - saving you all 20% of the fees to the tax man, as part of that we have to have a robust child protection policy in place for any drivers under 18 (yes we have had and will continue to have some) and we have to follow a whole load of legal guidelines. We also have to manage the club within the MSA rules & in grey areas we have to ask for clarification of the rules. Occasionally it seems racing drivers fall out - they complain about each other - sometimes with reason and sometimes because they are angry or frustrated by things. We have to take it all and deal with it all.

Blah blah - I'm almost there...

In my opinion everyone has a right in life to go racing - it should be up there with education, health and welfare and free beer. At this moment time we are having to review some decisions made regarding Formula Renault and how we may, or may not deal with that moving forwards. All of a sudden into that has come a future engine plan and I'm also being asked questions on race formats for next season. We are entering negotiations with the motor sports organisations about next years calendar, prices, deals, plans etc. We have a not for profit business that we should be focused on delivering a robust not-for-profit business plan for to maintain its longevity as a service to our members. Pleasing a few and upsetting others that then leave is not a win for the club. Every decision is discussed at length, often with all views being reflected by the varied background of the board members. We have not made public statements on the Monoposto noticeboard as that is not the proper thing to do. Like the regal Swan - we appear calm and unhurried on top of the water but underneath we are paddling away. I have had many emails, calls, options, questions posed in my direction about each of the subjects above this week alone.

So - please bear with us - be patient, consider I work 40-60 hours a week / 2-4 flights a week as well as my Monoposto Director role. I have a house I'd like to sell or rent out and move to a nicer place, I've a couple of Jedi's that sulk if they don't get love, I've a Dad that desperately wants his new-to-him but in need of work Formula Vauxhall Lotus sorting out to race (so I can beat him in it) and I've a lovely shiny new girlfriend that wants to play tennis in the sun, come motor racing and decide whether the idiot sat here typing to you lot is for her....

We are working on all the ongoing topics and we will work together and with everyone to try and make the best choice we can. For the first time I will talk about a "we". Every member of the committee loves Monoposto, loves motor racing, loves what we all have in common and will do the best we can.

Jonathan Reed - Yellow Jedi no. 88
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Re: A note from a Director

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Well that made me giggle. Nice reply Jon
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