Monoposto "one-off" specials

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Monoposto "one-off" specials

Postby andrewcliffe » Fri Oct 14, 2016 8:51 pm

From ten-tenths...

FoxyRacer wrote:I am in the process of writing an appendix for a forthcoming book about the Monoposto Formula 1958 to 1976. The appendix will consist of a description of all the one-off specials that competed in Monoposto during that period. If anyone has any information about any of he following or about the people that built them could you please let me know. I am confident of getting or have already got as much as I need about Fubar, Anco, Beagle(s), Viking, and Chamox. Apologies about the formatting of the list, this is how it copied from an orderly Word document! Many thanks.

Milli-Cent/Milli-Duppio/Milli-Mono 1959 F Tiedeman
Lolita 1959 A Wershat (1172 Formula car)
Lomas 1961 Tony Lomas
Tervin 1961 Tony Scriven, 1968 Ken Jones; 1970 Dave Wall.
Anco 1961 Mike Cowburn, Jo Anziani, Brian Toft
Smithard 1961 Tony (Barry?) Smithard
Rae Spl 1961 Gordon Rae
BFM 1962 Tony Bodley
Project X (& XR) 1963 Terry Ogilvie-Hardy; 1970 J. Brown;
Micron 1964 Mike Irons, Roger Lee
Embrio 1964 Brian Mitcham ( ? FJ racer )
Apex 1964 Bob Mitchell
Concorde 1966 Ian Stronach
Beagles 1968 Jim Yardley
SARM 1967 John Aspinwall
Taylor 1968 Brian Taylor (car evolved from Smithard) (see also Lloyd)
JCM 1969 John Lancaster
Vesey 1969 Peter Coulborn
Emberton 1970 Anthony Ford, David Emberton
Apogee 1B 1970 Richard de la Rue
Rudeani, 1965 Jack Heaton-Rudd
Moonraker 1970 Jack Heaton-Rudd
Mono Special ? Jack Heaton-Rudd
Chamox 1970 John Chambers, Dave Chambers
Wellanier 1970 Maurice Ogier
Kiwi Mk. II 1971 Keith Laney
B.R.E.W. 1971 Jock Sergison
Lloyd 1971 Brian Taylor
Rayton Special 1972 Tony Guilie
FNC 1972 Bruce West (car evolved from Smithard/Taylor)
Mono II 1972 Eddie Heasell
Manta 1971 David Coombs
Viking (s) 1972 Alan Baillie
Zircon 1972 Bill Abbott
Whippet 1972 Anthony T. Sandars
Whippet & RTW 1973 Nigel Howard-Jones
Fubar 1974 Geoff Toms
Revoray 1974 Ray Thomas
Norseman 1975 John Withers
Lemas 1973 John Christie
Barden 1968 John Daniells
Derad 1968 Geoff Patman
Nova Lotus? 1968 Alan Gorsuch
Bassett Special 1968 (Was this the Jomo while owned by David Bassett?)
Unnamed specials 1969 – John Davis, Terrapin based; 1958/9 – R. Fixter; D. Taylor; 1973 Tony Broster; 1975 Mark Kopieczek
Chequee 1968 B. Jeeps
Jomo 1969 Peter Danby (NB Prior to Keith Vickery making professionally so was this a one-off?); 1971 Nick Dawson; 2009 Colin Cummings
Diggory Gwyniad 1961 Michael Green (built by Jim Diggory of Wrexham
Invicta 1969 M. Gibson
Raven 01 1971 David Bird
Macgregor 1971 Andy MacGregor (did it ever start a race?)
Danton Special 1971 Aidan Patton
Canyer 1958/9 J. Canyer
Opus 1959/9 S. Waine
Saxon 1958/9 C. Scott-McArthur
Nordic 1973 Jack Hemming
Bassonette 1973 Dennis Basson (evolution of Danton)
Barnett 1974 Alan Sharpe
PVB 1974 Robin Strange
Rooster 1975 David Winstanley
PTSM 1A 1976 Paul Thompson
Renson/Rewson? 1975 David Williams (from Swansea?)
Cencus Special 1976 Robert Williams
Cougar 1976 Fred Smith
· This may not be an exhaustive list.
· It is not certain whether all cars listed were genuinely one-off specials. They will be positively included or excluded as more evidence comes to light. Those shown in bold type are definite.
· Some cars listed were known to be under construction but it is not certain whether they ever raced
Andrew Cliffe - Monoposto photographer - & Racing Exposure -

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