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ASI Startline Article

Post by tristancliffe »

I’m sure that engineers don’t get excited by a CNC machined part, where the machine keeps changing the tool, a block of aluminium goes in and a machined part comes out. In fact I know that at least one ex-Mono racer has a factory full of such kit. But to an outsider, this stuff is amazing.
I'm a self taught CAD designer, and I've had things made on CNC several times now (though I can't afford the machines myself, and have to make do with normal lathes and mills), and I'm still awe-struck by what they can make. Tiny single-piece turbines with complex curved flutes! Yes please. I have no need of them, but I'd put them on the mantlepiece. Any entire cylinder head make from a single piece of metal and a day in a machine? Would make a beautiful coffee table.

Perhaps if you use them, or their output on a daily basis you become used to what they can do. But I think most people in engineering or manufacturing cannot help but gawp open-mouthed at CNC CADCAM components.
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Re: ASI Startline Article

Post by Hasbeen »

Some members and former members were the lucky recipients of just such artistic artifacts. When, a few years ago the Cahmpionship was sponsored by Primrose Engineering each class champion was presented with a life size steering wheel trophy machined from solid billet. A visit to their works was fascinating and they produced some wonderful stuff for Cosworth and the then Jaguar F1 team.

Other engineering 'magic' that has 'blown my mind' - on a visit to Williams F1 we were shown how a CAD drawing could fire a laser into a vat of liquid resin and create a solid resin reproduction of the component for trial fitting to the car. Amazing stuff this engineering.
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Re: ASI Startline Article

Post by TIGAMAN »

Hi all,as I am the said cnc miller and ex mono member and mono 1800 champion I would like to comment.I have machined some of the most complex parts that F1 can dream up,the biggest problem is that if a designer can model it up on his CAD he expects you to be able to machine it! Where I am currently working (MICRO PRECISION LTD)as supervisor/programmer we make mainly aerospace components with a sprinkling of F1 work.I think that if you're an engineer and 'enjoy' your job you never get bored of new technology,we currenty have some great CAD/CAM software and 5-axis machining.

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