New MSVR safety notice & Cadwell Safety

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New MSVR safety notice & Cadwell Safety

Post by Emma Cliffe »

Hi everyone

I have noticed on the MSVR Cadwell page that there is a 2017 Safety Notice that not everyone may have noticed.

There appears to be a "ban" on the use of bicycles/push bikes for anyone of any age and also a number of other new safety "don't" items that MSVR are stipulating. I suspect something has happened at an event and there is a high chance that officials will be monitoring for people doing things that are listed in this notice.

I also note that quads, scooters and mopeds have to be taxed, insured and road legal and riders must wear helmets - something that was required last year at Cadwell although I don't recall it being necessary at all the other meetings.

I also note that the Lotus Sprint race has a designated track walk time and they have to be signed on and wearing hi-vis if they track walk. Knowing that a number of our members like to walk the track, you may like to be aware of these criteria too.

Whilst I personally have no issue with anyone riding a bike etc. it appears MSVR may have so please be aware there may be people who will tell you if you're doing things they think you shouldn't be.

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Re: New MSVR safety notice & Cadwell Safety

Post by stevenconnor »

That vehicle safety condition has been in the SRs for some time (see extract below).

Having just had a meeting at Brands (BRSCC but of course but still a circuit owned/operated by MSV), nothing seemed different, no issues regarding bikes (even my pink battery one). I think this is the general point that they don't allow bikes in the spectator area, their safety notice does say (unless authorised) ... -SL-GP.pdf
11 Vehicle Safety
i) A 10 mph speed limit is in force in all public areas, including paddocks and
service roads at all of the venues. This applies to all vehicles, including moped
and motorcycles, with the exception of emergency vehicles attending an
ii) Persons riding mopeds and motorcycles up to a capacity of 125cc must have
a current UK provisional driving licence or its international equivalent.
iii) Persons riding motorcycles with a capacity of greater than 125cc must have
a current full UK motorcycle licence or its international equivalent.
iv) Any motorcycle, moped, scooter or other such bike/trike/quad must be
ridden with all due care, the rider must have an appropriate safety helmet, and
the vehicle must be road-legal, taxed and insured. There will be no access
outside the Paddock Area.
v) All vehicles must at all times keep to the marked roads when moving around
the Venue.
12 First Aid

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