Silverstone schedule

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Silverstone schedule

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Is anyone else perplexed/concerned about the lack of a Saturday race and two races being held on Sunday. Seems a little daft to me and a complete waste of a Saturday with the possibility of a dns in race two owing to an issue in race one not being fixed in time. I am sure in the past we have always had a race on the Saturday and one on the Sunday.
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Re: Silverstone schedule

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Not ideal but not a lot the club can do as we will always play second fiddle to GT Cup, LMP3 and F3 Cup under MSVR.

We would always only have 1 activity on one of the days with having 3 sessions over the weekend. The perfect scenario would have been to have a qualifying and race on Saturday and then a race early on Sunday so we can get away.

The only real negative of how it is currently is the fact we will have to wait for the afternoon to race on the Sunday. Not the biggest issue in the world and not really the clubs fault when they get the timetable from MSVR.
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