New to cicuit racing - tech queries

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New to cicuit racing - tech queries

Postby RogerWright » Thu Aug 31, 2017 4:38 pm


I am hoping to compete in some Monoposto events in the near future, having previously done some hill climbing in a Jedi, albeit a few years ago. I'll be using a mk4 circuit spec Jedi not the hill climber, and have a few queries about the current regs and what acceptable.

Firstly have I got the right end of the stick regarding the recent (and clearly controversial) msa rule changes regarding ROPS? Sorry if this is well trodden ground but from what I can work out I either need A. 42.4mm roll hoop and back stay to the blue book, or B. New roll hoop installed by Jedi to their homologated crash tested spec. Basically the original year 2000 hoop has to go. Am I correct here?

Also this is the first time I've had to have an extinguisher in the car. The blue book is contradictory over mechanically activated systems. Are they still acceptable? Mine has two wire that pull the handle. If this mechanical system is still compliant do I get the bottle refilled and date stamped? Its pretty tatty looking to be honest. Or do I buy a new bottle? I'd rather not buy a complete kit as this seems overkill as I only need the bottle to good and to be in date, the rest of the system looks fine. Its an AAAF bottle is that helps.

Any help would be very much appreciated.


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Re: New to cicuit racing - tech queries

Postby andrewcliffe » Fri Sep 01, 2017 2:47 pm

Fire extinguisher.

K.3. states "A fire extinguisher/extinguishing system must be carried on all vehicles, the minimum requirement being
that the system be charged with one of the permitted extinguishants and be operable by the driver whilst normally seated either by manual operation or by a mechanically/electrically assisted triggering system.

It is recommended that all extinguishers are serviced in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines, or every 24 months, whichever is sooner.

The scrutineer will be looking for a pressure gauge showing green. I don't believe as yet, the MSA are concerned about fire extinguisher dating, but if you wanted to drive in an overseas event, then the extinguisher must be in date.


It seems to be somewhat chaotic situation. I am sure other Jedi racers will be able to advise.

Maybe visit the Monoposto Championship finale at Donington later this month where there will probably be several Jedi competitors to talk to, or the Tiedeman Championship rounds. I'm sure Rachel could probably supply some tickets.
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Re: New to cicuit racing - tech queries

Postby RogerWright » Fri Sep 01, 2017 6:12 pm

Hi Andrew,

Thanks for the clarification on extinguishers, I had thought K.3.2.8 might apply but I realise now its a proper plumbed in setup. Have ordered a new bottle from Merlin, the original was circa 1999.

Oh and I'll definitely be coming along to the last round at Donington, have a good look round the paddock hopefully. I'm just about ready to apply for entry into the Tiedeman Trophy but just waiting on a new roll hoop and back stay from Tubebender to arrive before I can commit. It would be a no brainer if the original ROPS will suffice, but as you say its been a rather confusing rule change for everyone.

Hopefully someone running a Jedi will chime in as if I need to change the roll hoop the car will need to start coming apart soon.

Thanks very much for your input, really appreciate it.


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Re: New to cicuit racing - tech queries

Postby Wingnut » Sat Sep 02, 2017 10:07 am


Im Jonathan Reed and your class representative. I also have owned many Jedi racing cars and in the old days I used to hillclimb one successfully.

Your ROPS. it depends what you already have on the car... You probably have a hot formed one which would need replacing however the only way to know is to call Jedi racing cars and ask John Corbyn with your chassis number and John can tell you.

If you need it upgrading either Jedi will do you a replacement or you can replace it yourself. The Jedi one is certified and has a ROPS certificate issued by Jedi and approved with the MSA or you can replace yourself with something that is the correct material and the right size.

I will add that as part of the upgrade done by Jedi the seatbelt mounts are moved higher and therefore better placed for your HANS device. You might also find your car has a small fuel tank as it was a hillclimb car and if Jedi are changing the roll hoop this is an excellent time to change the fuel tank.

You will also need a reverse gear on the car - again Jedi have a solution.

If you car is a hillclimber do you may also have a rear wing that is too wide.

To summarise:

Roll hoop
Fuel tank
Wing width
Tyre / wheel width
Fire extinguisher (mechanical pull cables are fine) and yes it needs to be in test date
3 layer race suit
Fireproof boots and gloves and socks and balaclava
HANS and Helmet to fit HANS
Mirrors are needed
Reverse gear

Of course there is a lot to think about and if you wanted to call me Id be more than happy to have a chat - of course I also need to make sure you don't beat me so an introduction is good so I can sus you out :-) Email me at and Ill send you my number - or send me yours and Ill call.


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