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Re: Website additons

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spbracing wrote:All

(For the record I keep hearing the TRC link. I don't find there website easy to use and read very nosiy as someone say's !!!! )
Glad you said that - I was looking to subscribe to the mag, but their website takes so long to load on my machine I gave up!
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Re: Website additons

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tristancliffe wrote:
samier wrote:I keep hearing that there are people who are not computer literate, well that is unfortunate. I am not talking about driver profiles here.

What is the problem and objections in making a presentable website for the club? Can be a good selling point if everything is professionally done. I would have thought association with TRC would be more reason to do so?

Those who wish to live in Fred Flinstone times can do so! :wink:
You've mentioned before your feeling that the Mono website isn't 'professional'. I was just wondering what gives you that impression, whether or not you have examples of websites you've made, and what your take on a new site would be.

Whilst the current website isn't 'perfect', it's more than adequate, quick to load, and works with the majority of computers our membership is likely to be using. But I'm also aware that Stephen is playing with a CMS (Content Management System for those not of a geeky disposition - it basically allows you to simply write content, and let the design of the site adjust automatically) system.

However, as with all things in life, Stephen would probably benefit from seeing what other people would do regards website. So may I suggest you spend a few evenings knocking up a website that is 'professional', easy to maintain, and works happily on Windows 95 - Vista and various Mac browsers.

Some people want to remain in the stoneage, others are just a bit slow at adapting, or don't have the need to upgrade their computers more than once per decade. But as those people make up a majority of the club it would be foolish to make a modern website that takes those people half an hour to load.

I look forward to seeing your version of the Mono website Samier.

Edit: Just realised that sounds like I'm saying Stephen would benefit from copying others in everything he does. I didn't mean that, so don't read it that way. I meant that everyone usually benefits from seeing what other people do in similar circumstances and with similar constraints - not Stephen in particular!

First of all I want to make it clear that I am not putting down anyone here or mocking the efforts made by those who contributed to the old website. I am sure it has been informative and served its purpose.

The current website looks like a 1998 geocities website, frames. All I am saying is that its time it is revamped, and I know Stephen is in the process of doing so. Apart from the visual side, updating must be a bit of a pain too, manually using an ftp client or uploading pages each time.

Tristan! You seem to be a "Mr perfectionist" in everthing you do, a flashy car, a nice enclosed race car pod, car always polished and cleaned, a flashy website I am sure you understand that presentation is important in what ever you do! Why did you use CMS for your own website? :roll:

I do know what a CMS system is, what the benefits are over a static website. This is not the time or place to discuss my past websites or my techincal expertise. First and foremost I am not a web developer or a graphics designer by profession, I deal with back end databases, servers, and networks.

I have knocked up a fully functional website in the space of a few days, I have used CMS on a few past websites which is why I am prepared to offer a help in hand. Stephen knows my thoughts on the matter and I have spoken to him.

Unless you are using a prehistoric version of IE that was packaged with the first release of Win 95 with out any java, active x support, then you will struggle to view many of todays websites. I know for a fact that a CMS site works on a Windows 95 machine with just a decent version of IE.

I think the minimum requirements would be the resolution, I undestand some would still have a 14" monitor using 800x600 resolution, and that would be catered for.

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Re: Website additons

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samier wrote:a flashy car, a nice enclosed race car pod, car always polished and cleaned, a flashy website I am sure you understand that presentation is important in what ever you do! Why did you use CMS for your own website? :roll:
Look closer :D The car isn't flashy - we use duct tape to cover the gravel rash. The car pod isn't flashy - the door is currently held on with ally chequerplate! And the website certainly isn't flashy, as it's just a 'skin' over something very basic.

I used CMS (Joomla) because it's easier than having to create a website!!! Easy is the key. But it's been a pain getting it to work on all current browsers, let alone older ones. Just because frames are out of fashion doesn't mean there is much inherently wrong with them.

Anyway, enough of the geek talk, lets get back to the point in hand - driver listings! I suppose Simon (and Mary before him) computerises all the data, so it would just be a case, almost, of copy-pasting that spreadsheet or database into an html file in notepad.
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