Dry Break Fuel connectors

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Dry Break Fuel connectors

Post by tristancliffe »

There was some brief discussion at the AGM about whether or not Monoposti have to have FIA approved (read: expensive) dry break fuel connectors for fuel samping (see other thread about the fuel sampling side of things).

Doug McLay, who is on the MSA Race Committee, believes, I think, that all fuel injected cars will need to carry them. I believe that Monoposto is exempt from such pointless regulations. However, the Blue Book is the law, and it states in Section C(c):19 that
With the exception of cars competing in Sprint and Hill Climb roadgoing production category, cars competing in British and MSA Titled Championships for, and all new build cars for, Rallycross, Car Racing, Special Stage Rallying, Sprints and Hill Climbs must be equipped with the facility to enable a fuel sample to be taken. For fuel injected cars the facility must be a dry break fuel sampling coupling, approved by the FIA, Competitors to carry and make available a 300mm minimum length of hose to which, where necessary, the appropriate mating part is to be attached.
My interpretation (which surely is the sign of a poorly written rule if it is open to interpretation) is that Monoposto is NOT a British or MSA Titled championship, although we are an "MSA Racing Championship" which is different , and nor are we catering for new build cars (is 2005 the newest car allowed in any class?). Therefore we are not required to carry an FIA approved dry break coupling.

You can of course fit one if you wish - it might make draining your tanks a bit easier for measuring fuel usage! But you don't need to go to the expense of FIA approval stickers.

However, I am frequently wrong about this sort of thing, so please discuss. Doug's opinion would be gratefully recieved. I know a few members were looking very worried when they heard about this at the AGM.
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Re: Dry Break Fuel connectors

Post by Nick Harrison »

I took Douglas to mean 2010.

I have attended MSA C of C and Steward seminars for licensed officials in the last four weeks and from the presentations at those I can say it does not apply to 2009 other than for 'new build'.

We are neither British nor MSA titled, we are MSA sanctioned.

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