A Special Mention

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A Special Mention

Post by andystephens »

Hello everybody,

I have been asked to post this on behalf on Tony "The Clutch" Davies. Unfortunatly, I was unable to make the first couple of races so was unable to witness the events which happened. Here is what Tony has to say:

"I wish to say a big thank you to Ewan and Pete for working on my car at Snetterton and Anglesey. Without you I would not have raced. You are well recommended for any work and if there is any work for my car you will be my men. And again I wish to say a big thank you to Pete for scratching my back when I had an itch just going out to race.

And one more thing, I have looked for the £19 change everywhere, if anybody finds the money please contact PC Davies 19737"

God knows what he is going on about, think its time I increased his meds. :lol:

Thanks to all who helped, and fingers crossed it is going to be ok for Mallory. I will be attending, so see you all then


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Re: A Special Mention

Post by RedRedWine »

Personally I hope Tony's clutch troubles continue as it's the only chance I've got of beating him.

I feel sure the other members of the "unsporting 1600 old gits" society join me in this view.


Tony Cotton
1st 1600 when Tony Davies's clutch didn't work
4th when it did
Tony Cotton
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Re: A Special Mention

Post by Dave »

In the true spirit of devolution I propose that Welshmen are only allowed to enter for the Anglesey and Pembrey events. Oh. No Pembrey this year. Tough.
Or we could get Simon to make him tenth reserve as it seems to be a good grid.
Failing all that we could clutch him round the neck. Hard.
See you all at Mallory.
David Parkinson
1600. No 66

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Re: A Special Mention

Post by AVIT! »

A big thank you and you are welcome on behalf of my self and Pete!
I am grooming Pete for next year as i intend on being back in a race car myself and then Pete should be able to help you guys while i sort my own banger out!
My old car will be out at mallory in the hands of a very capable driver called Pedro. he was going to do the combe ff1600 championship but i told him what a good bunch of idiots we are and he should come play with us so lets see if we can convince him to stay!
looks like there is a field of 10 1600's at mallory i built one and worked on 3 others so i want a top four please guys but its down to you who gets wich place he he!
my clone will be out at donington to in Patrick Hustons old car so that should make our reach into the 1800 class complete what with him and my father!
So all we need now are a couple of bike class and 2000's and were happy he he!
well i have made the inner floors for all the new jks so if one of those gets out thats the bike class sorted!
I have all the dj stuff ready for the sunday night at mallory and i have decided to unplug the mic after the awards as once the beer got inside me at the agm awards it cost me a bottle of whisky due to the fact i was gobbing off !

so thanks again Tony the clutch Davis and i will seeyou at mallory hopefully that £19.48p and your drink will of turned up!

Avit! motorsport taking club racing back to its routes by beating wallets on a small budget!

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Re: A Special Mention

Post by phuston »

And if everyuking goes ok, another Swift SC97Z is expecting to join us at Donington, driven by Chris Helliwell.
Patrick H
Mono1800 Rep & Club Sec

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