Geoff Fern for Ambbasador for Monoposto

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Geoff Fern for Ambbasador for Monoposto

Postby AVIT! » Thu Oct 15, 2009 9:38 pm

I Nominate Geoff Fern as the Amassador For Monoposto!
Not only has this man raced in every class we have sometimes all in the same day, but i heard a story today that made me very happy indeed!
A little boy named Roberto and his slightly older sister Isabela came running to me to show me sighned photos that Geoff had sent them in the post!
These two reprobates are the children of Marco one of my mechanics from AVIT! Motorsport.
Turns out they went round the paddock at Croft gettting all the Mono drivers to sign there copy of the program and Geoff Fern said to them wright down your address and ill send you some photos! and with no futrther a do roberto had done so!
Two days later geoff posted two pics signed aswell!
they are made up and are his new biggest fans!
well Roberto still thinks Chris Woodhouse is the bestist ever and he can even beat Massa from F1!

Even though it is club racing! this was a big time event for them and we should all take note from Geoff and give a bit of time to the people that come to spend there weekends watching us drive round like silly buggers!

Well done Goeff and thank you !

Avit! motorsport taking club racing back to its routes by beating wallets on a small budget!

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Re: Geoff Fern for Ambbasador for Monoposto

Postby Dave » Tue Oct 20, 2009 10:15 am

A nice little story.
Marco told me about it at Snetterton. So you have Marco as a fan as well as the kids.

Well done Jeff. or Geoff.
David Parkinson
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