1800/1600/1000 Results ?

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1800/1600/1000 Results ?

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Hi Andy
In an attempt to answer your question ive started a new thread.
DQs tend to class cars not running at time of red flag (and other things)
If you look at the bottom of the 2lt results you will see what i mean.
Although we saw red flags its unclear what decission was given.
Ive been credited with 12 laps and others with 13 which is clearly wrong.
Julian Hoskins was not penalised for an awfull jump start.

When i eventually got a results sheet i tried to question it and was given 15 mins to put it in
writing and pay £190 cash.
This was just to see if they would concider it out of time not to look at it as the results
had been delivered to the padock office (laugh)
I thanked them for the 15 mins grace we all had a laugh and i left it at that.

In my opinion the race should have been called .
Julian Hoskins given a 10 sec penalty for a blatant jump start, this would have reversed the
top 2 1800s as John Whitbourn had such a blinding start he would have taken the 1800 lead into the 1st corner.
Philip Nicholson given a DQ for ignoring black flags.
Myself and Tony Davies given a finish for covering 80% at least of race distance.

This isnt a whinge just an opinion.Im not an expert on the blue book.
Simon will take up what he sees fit with the appropriat people.

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Re: 1800/1600/1000 Results ?

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Yes Julian did jump the start by miles I was supprised he didn't get a 10 second penalty too but he drove very well and I couldn't get passed him. He didn't give me any room at Paddock and we banged wheels but I defended very hard against him in the festival final and closed him down so fair does....roll on Thruxton :D

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