Missing me on the grid in Mono 1000/1400/1600/1800 race.....

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Missing me on the grid in Mono 1000/1400/1600/1800 race.....

Post by ofarc »

Firstly thank you all so much for missing me so brilliantly, I can say that was not an experience I want to do again.

To all drivers competing in Saturday's round of the Monoposto 1000 Championship at Donington. Some of you may have witnessed my very premature end to race as my driveshafts let go at the start. Thankfully all drivers behind managed to avoid crashing into me which I attribute both to the alertness of the drivers and my flashing rain light which I flicked on as soon as I realised my vulnerable situation at the front of the grid.
Having contacted Cartek, the inventors of the Electronic Rain Light Switch which provides all LED rain lights with this hazard warning function. I was told that if any of those drivers who did spot the hazard, and subsequently avoided crashing into the rear of me, if they happened to have captured this on their onboard cameras then Cartek would offer a free Electronic Rain Light Switch and one of their new FiA Rain lights for the video assuming it is of good enough quality to use in their promotions. This package is worth £148.

Please contact Neil at Cartek on neil@cartekmotorsport.com or 023 8063 7600.

Thanks again.

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Re: Missing me on the grid in Mono 1000/1400/1600/1800 race.

Post by tristancliffe »

What a fabulous offer - I'm using their light and switch, and they're both brilliant. In our wet race, I used the flashing mode when the safety car was deployed to try to warn others.

Sadly, I left it in flashing mode afterwards, so the warning was somewhat diluted, but that's my fault not the product's.
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